you should not forget when traveling by motorcycle Review 2021

Traveling long distances on a motorcycle requires preparation and planning, as no one wants to leave something at home that will be necessary along the way. With enough space you can carry the essential things and this will make any experience on the road easier to solve and enjoy.


When making a motorcycle trip, you must take into account what things you will take with you on the route. There are items that can never be missing, such as your driver’s license, however, it is necessary to take other objects into account so that you are prepared for anything when starting to roll on the road.

Saving space is key when traveling by motorcycle, therefore planning ahead and organizing yourself well will make you more comfortable, safe and ready for any eventuality. In addition to knowing what to take with you, you should also have an idea of ​​how to take them in the best way. You’ll see how a few simple tips can help you enjoy your moments with the motorcycle more.


You never know if you will need to repair something or if you will get hungry on the road, for that reason, always carry money with you. If you are heading to an urban area, then you can avoid carrying cash and only use one card; However, if you are going to a more rural area, or simply as a precaution, it is recommended to always have some tickets on hand.

Use a wallet made of leather or waterproof materials, as this will prevent the money from being damaged in the event of rain. Besides that, it is advisable to carry two wallets: a fake with little money and another with more bills. If it is stolen, you can deliver the wallet with the least amount.

 The mobile:

Your mobile phone will help you stay in touch with your family and will also let you access maps in no time. Carry your mobile in a holder if you will use it as a guide and make sure it is protected against water. If you’ll only have it for occasional calls, carry it in a secure pocket.

It also includes a portable battery to charge your mobile without having to find an outlet. This will be a lifesaver when you need to find an address and your phone is low on power.


Not all motorcycles come with a trunk, however motorcycle trunks stand out because they can help you carry more things with you comfortably. Installing this on your motorcycle will allow you to increase your list of essentials and will allow you to be more prepared for any situation that you may encounter on the road.

 Tool kit:

When you go out, always think about everything bad that could happen. It may sound pessimistic, but this is what will make you evaluate every detail to be 100% prepared to face any situation. A few tools could get you out of trouble at the most unexpected moment, so always carry a small kit with you.

 Suitable clothing:

The appropriate clothing should not go on your motorcycle, as you must wear it at all times. Always use clothing made of specialized material to ride a motorcycle, as this will protect you from falls and minimize damage from bumps, scratches, etc.

Don’t forget your helmet, your jacket and your pants made of abrasion resistant, waterproof and stylish fabric.

 First aid kit:

Traveling by motorcycle is a risky activity and no one can say otherwise, therefore, it is better to be safe and not sorry. Acquire a small first aid kit to be able to clean and heal wounds in case you hit yourself slightly or fall.

It includes some plasters to take care of any minor injury that may come out on your foot or hands after a few kilometers traveled.

Also add anti-sting medicine, in case you’re walking around a place with wasps, for example. Riding a motorcycle is being exposed to the elements.


Did it get dark and your motorcycle suffered a mishap? A small flashlight that you can easily hold while you take care of the problem will make everything can be solved more quickly, since you will have your hands free and the area illuminated correctly.

 Safety triangle:

If you are stranded and it is night, it will be necessary for you to remain visible to all the drivers who are there, as you are at risk of someone crashing into you if you do not.

If this happens to you, quickly place a safety triangle on the road. Complement this with an additional reflective vest to give drivers greater visibility.

 Sun protection:

Exposing yourself to the sun frequently and for long periods of time can have negative effects on your skin. Therefore, always wear sunscreen in cream or spray. If possible, complete this with special glasses to filter UV rays and also enhance colors until you see correctly.


For whatever reason, police officers frequently stop motorists. Therefore, you must be prepared for everything. Keep your identification and have any documents you may need handy so you do not end up at the police station due to a confusion.

 Replacement for lights:

Riding a motorcycle without lights at night can not only cause you a very serious accident, it can also bring you a large fine. So don’t forget to bring some spare lights so you can take care of this if any headlights go unannounced.


A roadside snack doesn’t sound bad at all, especially if you don’t want to spend money. Take an energy bar, a cookie or fruit with you to eat a little on the way your stomach will appreciate it.

If you are prepared for the unforeseen events that may happen, they will no longer be “unforeseen” and will only be eventualities that you can solve. Choose which motorcycle trunk to buy ( if you click here, you will find several purchase options ), equip it with everything you need and go out to know the world on your motorcycle.



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