you should not do when changing your motorcycle oil

Oil is one of the basic fluids for your motorcycle to circulate safely and your engine does not suffer. If you decide to change it yourself, there are a number of things that you should not do, because far from saving you money or inconvenience they can give you problems and cause breakdowns.


More and more bikers are doing the maintenance of their frames by themselves. It is not something really complicated and it helps you save time and money in basic operations such as an oil or filter change. If you also want to join this new trend, you just have to look for a good motorcycle oil and change it, but without falling into some of the most frequent errors when making the change. Errors that we list below, to make it even easier for you to avoid them.

 Not using a suitable oil

If you take a look at the manual of your motorcycle you will see how it indicates the type of oil you should use. Leaving aside the brand they recommend, which is usually something more advertising than real, using the right oil is key for your motorcycle to perform as well as possible. This oil must comply with the corresponding standard but also with what your motorcycle needs, so to find the best motorcycle oil when making the change, you must consider the technical parameters, the displacement or the terrain on which the motorcycle rolls. motorcycle. Key so that the protection is adequate.


 Add more oil than the bill

Unlike the car or other vehicles, the chances that we go over the amount of oil in the gearbox are considerable. Therefore, knowing the capacity of the motorcycle’s crankcase and adjusting the filling to that amount is key to avoid problems. Let’s think that this excess oil in the crankcase does not disappear, but there are many possibilities that it will start to move to other parts of the engine, with catastrophic results.

 Start the motorcycle to drain it of oil

This error is common in motorcycles and cars, in which it is believed that the engine can be started and allowed to run for a few minutes so that not a single drop of old oil remains in the engine. This idea is wrong, since precisely due to the lack of oil we can find ourselves in a situation in which the motorcycle deteriorates seriously, if it does not end up seizing due to the heat. What we can do is use the motorcycle for a few minutes before changing, so that the inner oil warms up, becomes more liquid and it is easier to empty the crankcase. Do not forget to be careful when handling the hot oil when you go to change.


Forget to check the oil level

Another problem of the lower amount of oil that the crankcase of a motorcycle admits is that the chances that the level is not correct multiply. Here we do not have a wide margin, as in the car, but the total amount of oil and the safety margin is slim. So it is essential that we check the oil level a few kilometers after the change, to verify that it is correct. We will also have to carry out periodic checks, since the oil in the motorcycle is consumed as we go kilometers.

 Use gear oil in the engine

Generally, two different types of oil are used in motorcycles: one of them is the one that lubricates the normal power circuit and another is the one that lubricates the transmission circuit. These two oils do not have the same characteristics or properties, so they cannot be interchanged. So do not ever use the oil that is used in the change inside the engine, nor do the change in reverse, because you can end up having serious problems due to the different properties that both oils have.

Prolonging oil changes longer than necessary

When it is said that an oil has the capacity to support a certain mileage, it is true that this amount is not strict. In other words, if the motorcycle oil has to be changed at 10,000 kilometers, nothing will happen to run with that oil 10,001 kilometers. In fact, you can even go 100 or 200 kilometers, since it is understandable that you will not always be able to make the change at the right time when it is necessary. But if what you want is to save on changes by increasing the mileage exceeding the mileage by 10% or 20% of the total, then you are making a bad decision. So stick to the indicated mileage. Your bike will appreciate it.

Tighten the filter by hand

If you change the oil filter of your motorcycle at the time you perform the oil change, it is key to remember that cartridge filters are tightened by hand. It is not necessary to use tools or other similar elements, since if you use them there are many possibilities that the thread could break, that the support deteriorates or that the filter itself becomes stressed, as the oil filters are tightened with the pass of the time.

Dispose of used oil anywhere

Used motorcycle oil is a highly polluting waste that must be treated properly in order to prevent environmental problems. For this reason, it is necessary that you collect every drop of this used oil and take it to a workshop or a clean point, where it can be treated properly and without risk to the environment. This means not throwing it down the cistern, not throwing it in the conventional garbage and even less in the field or in any place that is not an authorized area for it.



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