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What color rim is best for a white car?

White cars are some of the most popular car options on the road today, so it’s easy to choose one the next time you shop for a vehicle. However, deciding on the right tire color is not always that simple. What color rim is best for a white car and how can it make your vehicle look better?

Various rim colors look great on white cars. Bronze or black are good options, but you can also choose silver, bronze, copper, or two-tone colors. If you really want to stand out on the road, consider the eye-catching look of the red rims on your white car.

In this guide, we look at the benefits of each color. We also talked about the possibility of painting your wheels.

The best tire color for a white car

1 bronze

Although bronze may not be a popular choice, it is still one of the most beautiful options available. The good thing is that not many people use it, so it can help your car stand out.

The brass trim would look great on a white sedan. You can also turn heads in a coupe, like the BMW M5 or Nissan GTR.

2. black

At first glance, you might think that the black rims are too bold for the white car. On reflection, you see that this is an excellent choice and very complementary.

The black wheels help give the car a sleek appeal. If you have a bold personality, you could also associate your car with this one.

3. Gunmetal

You don’t want to overlook the elegant style of bronze wheels. These are known for their sturdiness but are also extremely stylish.

This color also helps hide stains, keeping your vehicle looking its best. While bronze is a great choice for white coupes, it is also a great choice for black cars.

4. Money

If you are undecided about an appropriate color, count on the good silver wheels. Because money goes with everything, that’s a fact.

You may not even have to do anything, as many new cars can be equipped with silver wheels from the factory. Save time and keep your car beautiful.

5. Copper

Cars with copper rims are not seen often. However, you can’t beat the unique look of the combination with a white car.

When you combine white and copper, you are ready to turn heads. Let your vehicle express your unique level of class.

6. bicolor

These tires continue to be more popular. Some of the best options include silver with gunmetal or silver with black.

However, you can push and add color if you prefer. Why not consider using this next color for a little fun?

7. red

If your white car looks boring, it’s time to make a statement. Add some bright pops of color, starting with the edges.

We recommend red wheels because they give it a sporty look. Your car will instantly look aggressive and fierce.

Can car wheels be painted?

If there is no problem with the wheels you have and you don’t want to get rid of them, you can consider painting them. If you cannot master this job yourself, you should hire someone to do it for you. On average, you could spend between $125 and $300 to paint your car wheels, which is much cheaper than buying new ones.

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If you’re considering tackling the job yourself, here are some steps to take:

  1. Raise the vehicle and place it on jack stands.
  2. Remove the wheels.
  3. Clean the rims and smooth the surface. You need a wire brush to remove rust, dirt, and contaminants. If there are stubborn areas, use steel wool and sandpaper to remove them.
  4. Once the surface is clean, you must protect the rubber of the tire. Use painter’s tape and a cloth to cover the tire.
  5. Put on protective gear while you paint. Put on a face mask, old clothing, and safety glasses to stay out of harm’s way.
  6. First, spray the wheels with primer.
  7. Spray the wheels evenly with the color of your choice after the primer is completely dry.
  8. Once the color is complete, use a clear top coat on the rims.

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When choosing a spray paint for your wheels, make sure it is compatible with the material. Not all spray paints are designed for use on steel, alloy or aluminum wheels.

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