We analyze the VQuattro GP4 motorcycle boots Review 2021

When we look for motorcycle boots, we can use the usual models or choose an alternative that has a more versatile design and that we can wear on any occasion. This is precisely what the VQuattro GP4-19 model offers us, with an urban character and an elegant design.


If we take a look at any comparison of motorcycle boots , we will see how easy it is to find products that break the most classic trend on the market. Compared to the plain, dark boots with a simplistic design that marked the usual image today, it is easy to find other more interesting, fun and suitable options for general urban use, so that you can wear them when riding your motorcycle but also during your daily life.

The proof is found in models such as the VQuattro GP4-19 motorcycle boots. These motorcycle boots have a typically urban design that is suitable for any occasion. So it doesn’t matter if you have to go to work, if you have a date with your friends or if you want to train in the gym. In all these circumstances you can enjoy an elegant design, with considerable comfort and everything you need so that you do not suffer any damage when driving through the city.


An always comfortable design

The first thing that catches the attention of the VQuattro GP4-19 boots is the high comfort that the product puts at our fingertips. This comfort is based on aspects such as a high-quality microfiber upper, which provides high resistance and precise tension in each use of the boot. So you don’t have to worry about anything when riding or doing any kind of sports activity.

This membrane has the additional advantage of offering remarkable breathability from the inside of the piece, so that heat does not accumulate inside. An aspect that usually fails in some boots but that in this case the product exceeds with a note. The membrane also prevents moisture from accumulating on the foot and rain from penetrating inside your feet.

As a final highlight of those that provide a comfortable sensation to this product, the boots are finished with a closure system with which to achieve the correct fit when riding. This system is mixed, based on a lace closure with a regulator that simplifies adjusting the tension comfortably, similar to that of a cycling shoe. Added to this lacing is a velcro closure, which prevents the laces from moving and also provides an extra when establishing the proper fit on the foot.


Sole design

Every good rider knows that the sole is another of the fundamental elements when it comes to riding a motorcycle. An aspect in which this model is not far behind when it comes to offering you both the security and the necessary resistance when it comes to driving.

This sole is made of a high quality non-slip material and with which it is possible to maintain both grip and stability. A grip that is even maintained when the rain makes an appearance, so you will not have to worry about unforeseen slipping on your routes or when walking around the city, when you are not riding with your motorcycle.

This sole incorporates the usual reinforcements both in the heel area and in the toe area. These inserts intensively protect these sensitive areas, so that you will not have risks in the event of an accident, also reducing the stresses of driving and the discomfort they usually cause.


With every little detail

To finish off these motorcycle boots, it is convenient to take a look at some details that complete a quality product. One of these details is the incorporation of 600 D nylon throughout the stitching of the piece, which is highly resistant to abrasion and improves the durability of the boot during use.

The same goes for the reflective inserts located in strategic areas of the exterior, so that you are more visible when you ride in any area where darkness is dominant. A host of functions that make these boots have earned the demanding European certification, as a high-level personal protection product.


Availability and price

As usual, our analysis is not complete if we do not address the availability and price of the product. Currently, this model can be purchased in different stores in the industry, through the manufacturer’s own website or even in certain online stores in the sector. Regarding its price, this is around 75 euros and comes in sizes ranging from 36 to 46. A design that has different colors to choose from, according to your preferences.


About the brand

For those who do not know VQuattro, we leave a couple of notes in relation to the trajectory of this French brand. And it is that in this case we are not talking about a company as such but about one of the brands of the French group RiderValley, which was launched in 2011 and which offers all kinds of clothing for motorcycle users. In its range of products we can find gloves, jackets or motorcycle boots, among other products.

In all its production, the firm establishes a clear preference for the protection of the user, combining materials that guarantee that safety in accordance with the requirements established by European standards. Something that does not prevent these designs from being also in line with the latest fashion, in order to give you an elegant and modern look when it comes to showing off their products. They also do not lack technology, thanks to the alliances that the brand has established with companies such as Michelin, Gore-Tex or Vibram, in order to give more quality and protection to all its offerings.



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