We analyze the Fox V3 motocross helmet

As a leading brand in the market, Fox always surprises users with high-end products. Today we check it by taking a look at its Fox V3 2020 model, with which to enjoy better performance when driving.


Every good motocross rider knows that one of the fundamental pieces of his wardrobe is the helmet. If this piece is important for any biker, it is even more so for motocross riders, who tend to move on terrain laden with stones, trees and other objects that are not at all safe for our heads in the event of an accident.

Precisely for them Fox offers its Fox V3 2020 model. A product that was launched for the professional segment and for testing in 2017 and that, in just a few months, had the opportunity to put its worth to the test. In fact, it is still remembered how this helmet perfectly did its job in the spectacular accident that pilot Ken Roczen suffered in a test of the Monster Energy Supercross Championship, held in Anaheim 2.

For this reason, it is not surprising that the brand is in charge of renewing this helmet year after year, in order to continue offering users the maximum safety necessary in the most difficult terrain. So if you want to know more about this helmet and everything it offers you to ride safely, all you have to do is keep reading and discover more details about what is for many users the best motocross helmet of the moment.


Take a look

At first glance, the Fox V3 2020 offers us an exterior line that retains that of the previous models. We are talking about a typical motocross helmet, where we have both the open area to place the glasses and the integral design, which covers both the head area and the chin guard area. It is also easily recognizable by its very robust appearance, as befits a product designed for professionals and offers high resistance.

If we look in detail it is easy to perceive the ventilation system of the helmet. A system with elements present in the chin guard area and the upper part, capable of generating efficient, very pleasant air currents and with which to prevent your head from overheating during use. And in parallel, we will also see the protective elements of the inner shell, with padding made of high-quality materials and with which to achieve both an adequate fit and to have the necessary protection during your routes.


A high-strength structure

If we look inside we can easily understand what factors influence its high quality and protection capacity. Among these elements is a shell made with a multi-composite technology, where an FRP resin is joined with carbon fiber, so that the end result is a piece with high protection capacity and a much lower weight. All this while maintaining adequate resistance, as expected from a helmet of these characteristics.

Additionally, all this carlota has smart improvements with which to better protect you. Among them is the EPS foam, which generates a greater capacity for dispersion of impacts through a dual-density system. Something that prevents blows and their force from affecting the head. The Fluid Inside system also contributes to this work. A technique that replicates brain fluid and uses a low-viscosity oil circuit inside a closed foam, which is responsible for avoiding both line and rotational forces. A technology that few helmets include and that can prevent damage that other products would not prevent the rider.


Comfort on all types of terrain

Since safety without comfort is of no use, this aspect has also been duly taken care of in this helmet. Part of that comfort lies in the comfortable material that is part of the inner padding of the helmet. A component that has the property of fitting properly on the head and preventing both the annoyances of the route, such as potholes and rattles, as well as the friction derived from the use of a helmet. An interior that, as usual, we will be able to extract from the inside of the helmet and that can easily go through the washing machine, in order to be impeccable.

Also comfort is provided by the ventilation intakes that we have mentioned before, which generate an efficient flow of air towards the interior of the helmet. These flows have been strategically designed so that they completely run through the entire interior of the helmet, thus avoiding excess heat and sweating on the piece.

Finally, there are a couple more details in the case that deserve our attention. One of them is the magnetic fastener that is located in the opening for the visor. This system allows mounting a visor of this type that, in the event of an accident, shoots out without harming the rider. In return, it remains in position during filming. On the other hand, we must also mention the shape of the chin guard, which, as with the shell, has an ergonomic design with which to achieve proper positioning. By the way, the helmet has four sizes for the outer shell and another four for the inner EPS, in order to achieve a perfect fit.


Availability and price

Even being a recently launched product, the efforts of the Fox brand to keep its users happy has led to this helmet being now available in our market, also having the corresponding European approval. Regarding its price, since we are talking about a premium range product, it is not exactly cheap.

Specifically, the current price of the helmet is around 400 euros, although its recent launch must also be taken into account. Anyway, if this price is out of your reach you can still find previous models, such as the Fox V3 2019, at a somewhat tighter price.



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