Voice commands: a safe way to drive and use your mobile

The statistics are surprising, in Spain one of every three fatal car accidents registered in 2017 were the result of mobile phone use. In this sense, many devices can be used with voice controls, to avoid distraction when you are driving and to get you away from those sinister statistics.


Driving a car is an act of responsibility for you, your family and the people around you on the street, for this reason being prudent with the use of your mobile as well as respecting traffic signs can help you avoid accidents. 

On the other hand, we know that nowadays we need to be connected, constantly check the mobile to see the messages on WhatsApp, check if an email arrived or look for an address in the GPS, but how to do it without this representing a danger while driving? Read on to know the answer.


Virtual assistants and voice controls

Several years ago Google introduced the Voice Access application on its devices with which it is possible to access different functions of the mobile through voice controls. At first, this alternative was designed for Parkinson’s patients, people with mobility or reduced vision, but later it was seen the great potential of keeping people connected with their mobile when they are doing other activities that require maximum attention, as it is to drive a car.

For its part, Apple has remained at the forefront of virtual car assistants with its CarPlay application or the popular Siri smart assistant, which can make calls, write messages, check and answer emails through your voice commands. 

Regarding the first application, it is very interesting that Apple has developed software that can be incorporated into cars with its factory functions so that the user can operate their iOS device from the original vehicle controls, thus leading the automotive industry towards connectivity and interface 2.0. 


But… what about old cars?

Although at first this technology was offered in new cars, currently Google and Amazon have decided to take a step forward and join allied brands to manufacture cheap devices that are compatible with their virtual assistants and through mobile phones can create a triple connection between car, user and telephone.

Thus, in the market there are different models of hands-free cars that you can link to your mobile and use through voice commands to avoid being distracted by making a call or writing a message while driving. 

On the other hand, there are applications that complement the use of the hands-free and with which you can record your calls, so that when you park the car you can listen to the recording and make the necessary notes if it was a business call, school or if It was the shopping list to take home. 

It is important to know all these technologies and applications within our reach that have been designed to increase our safety and that of the people around us when we drive a vehicle. However, there are also other actions that we can take that are directly related to our prudence and responsibility when using mobile phones. Here we mention some.


Learn to reduce mobile use while driving

Currently, a large percentage of the mobile phone user population suffers from ‘nomophobia’, that is, the fear of being without the device, but what seems like a simple telephone addiction can be the cause of very serious accidents on the road .

That is why we propose some activities that can help you control your anxiety to check your mobile, especially when you are going to drive the car.



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