urban motorcycle boots with which to protect your feet Review 2021

When we talk about motorcycle boots, we usually think of big road or cross bikes and big risks on the road such as falls at high speed. But the city also has risks for our feet, so protecting them properly is essential.


If we ask most of the bikers about the type of boots they have to ride, they will surely tell us about models designed for the circuit, to move at high speed on highways or highways or in boots specially designed for the field, depending on of each other’s preferences. Few will be those that in their selection of the best motorcycle boots ( here you can find some options to buy ) include urban models. However, this urban environment is a common place where practically all riders have to move and we have a bad habit of undervaluing, when it comes to risks.

That is precisely why we want to show you some of the most outstanding urban motorcycle boots on the market. With these products you will be able to roll with greater comfort in this environment, thus avoiding the risks of a fall or any other possible accident that you may have on your urban trips.


 Alpinestars Oscar Twin Drystar

Talking about Alpinestars is talking about one of the most recognized brands on the market, with which you can enjoy pleasant sensations when moving around the city. The Alpinestars Oscar Tywin Drystar model is one of the samples of this quality. These urban boots have a classic design, so they go perfectly for conventional street boots. Something that is due to details such as the high-quality leather with which they are made and a very current appearance. This design also includes the brand’s own Drystar membrane, which avoids problems with rain and humidity. The product is finished with reinforcements on the toe and heel, as well as protective discs on the ankles. Ideal to give you all the comfort and security you need on your route.

 Belstaff Whitwood 2.0

The Belstaff Whitwood 2.0 motorcycle boots change their approach with a conventional cut and with which to enjoy a pleasant comfort when riding around town. This model has an exterior made of full grain buffalo leather and with waterproof treatment, together with the Vibram rubber sole, typical of the brand. This sole gives a pleasant comfort when rolling, also improving the safety of your route with a very resistant grip. This model closes with a zip and includes a shearling lining, to make it more pleasant when rolling and putting it on.

 Valverde 490

Enjoying pleasant sensations during urban driving is easy with models such as the Valverde 490 motorcycle boots. This product has been manufactured using the Goodyear system, whereby the sole is sewn to the sole of the boot and subsequently the sole is sewn to the shoe. A process in which a high-quality and resistant union is achieved, which supports the stresses of urban terrain. Something to which its materials contribute, with a cowhide leather upper and a high-resistance rubber sole, which also includes reinforcements in the heel and toe. It is finished with a strap and clasp closure, which gives the shoe more adjustability according to the level of tension you want.

 BMW Ride

Riding in comfort during the summer season is easy thanks to the BMW Ride motorcycle boots. This model has been manufactured with lightweight cowhide and includes a perforation system typical of the brand, with which to enjoy pleasant sensations when the heat hits. However, this does not affect the safety of the product, as it has reinforcements in the heel, ankle or toe area, in order to avoid risks during your trips. The design is finished with a very colorful finish and reflective strips on the sides and ankle, so that you are more visible during your trips.

 Gaerne Warrior Café Racer

We continue talking about boots whose style breaks the most classic trend on the market, such as the Gaerne Warrior Café Racer model. These urban motorcycle boots have an elegant design in brown tones with a high shaft, which better protects the ankle and the foot. Its leather manufacturing includes different nylon inserts, which give greater resistance to the product and at the same time increase flexibility throughout the entire piece. They also have a Drytech membrane, which helps to better evacuate the heat from the inside of the boot. They are finished off, as usual, with reinforcements in the ankles, the toe area and also in the heel, which are the parts of the foot most exposed to risks when it comes to riding in urban areas.

 DXR GoFast

At first glance, the DRX GoFast motorcycle boots could well pass for a trendy, modern cut shoe. But the truth is that this product has everything you need to give you the comfort and protection you need when riding your motorcycle in urban terrain. A new model also in its approach, which changes the leather for a high-precision microfiber fabric, which makes it easier to put on and have a pleasant feeling when controlling your frame. Something that helps the ankle protections and the double seams in the areas of greatest tension, which facilitate that maneuverability. It is finished off with details such as its mixed closure system, with velcro and laces, or the inner waterproof membrane.



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