Trunk, suitcase or motorcycle bag Review 2021

Choosing how to carry luggage on a motorcycle is the dilemma that motorcyclists face from time to time, since it is necessary to choose a suitable product that covers everything you need. This shouldn’t always be a difficult decision, as taking the time to evaluate and verify options could make a difference in future purchasing decisions.


People who have vehicles and those who drive motorcycles, despite sharing the same road, have very different experiences when traveling. Car owners probably worry about the traffic they may encounter on the road when planning a trip, while motorists try to figure out how to carry their luggage on the motorcycle.

A car driver has his trunk to carry whatever he wants at all times, while motorcyclists must purchase additional accessories that provide the necessary space to accommodate everything that may be needed on the road or at the destination.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of suitcases and trunks on the market, so that each person can choose the product that best suits their requirements, however, this wide range of items can also make the decision difficult, if you don’t really know what to look for and buy. .

There are many motorcycle trunks, however, no matter how excellent they are, your main focus of attention should be to find the one that best suits what you need, your motorcycle and you.


What should you keep in mind when buying a trunk or suitcase?

While it may be tempting to get carried away by a beautiful design that matches your motorcycle, the most important thing to keep in mind to make the best purchase decision is the capability the product provides.

Do you only need to wear a little clothes once in a while? Are you one of those who enjoy getting lost for long periods in unknown places? All of this should be considered, as this will avoid running out of space or ending up with a much larger trunk than you really need to have with you.

The capacity should be the first aspect you check, so you will know if it is the right trunk for you or not. If you know that you must carry several things, do not limit yourself and buy an item with a minimum capacity of 100 liters, and if not, try a smaller model, so as not to take up a lot of space on your motorcycle.

On the other hand, take note of the type of security that the product has. The most common are those that need a key to open the lock, but there are other models that have a higher level of protection. Security also includes the material of the trunk, since its resistance will depend on whether your possessions reach your destination safely; For that reason, check that it is a moisture-wicking material, that the blows do not affect it and, finally, if possible, that it has a reflective strip so that it is easier to see you when you drive at night.

Finally, take into account the installation and try that the product has a universal mounting, so that you can adapt it to any motorcycle, without problems.


What is better: a trunk, a suitcase or a bag?

Before deciding which motorcycle trunk to buy, you must first be sure that you want a trunk. As everyone knows, these products are the best known and most purchased, however they are not the only ones on the market.

Suitcases and transport bags are other products that are also used to move your luggage from one place to another and, like the trunk, these have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing between the 3 alternatives is a very personal decision and, for that reason, before reaching this point, you need to be clear about your requirements.


Motorcycle trunks are the most common options, as they are items that easily serve their purpose. These top cases are attached to the back of the bike, with the intention of staying there for a long time, and can be easily attached with a few screws.

You can find them from 20 liters capacity, however, it is possible to get trunks of up to 100 liters that can be adapted to larger motorcycles. Its design is quite varied, both in colors, as in materials and safety. Whether made of aluminum or plastic, keyed or knob, this product serves its purpose.

The downside of this object is that you will not be able to move it with you, as it will be bolted to the motorcycle. That is, you will have to get everything out of there to mobilize it. Also, the capacity is usually small for common size motorcycles.


If you value mobility, this is the only type of storage that allows you to easily take it apart to go with it. The bags stand out for this, for their easy assembly and disassembly. Also, they are not as heavy as trunks or suitcases.

Instead of having a single space, the bags have different compartments for you to have more organization and, by combining these products with a backpack, you can take a lot of things with you.

The disadvantage of bags is that they are made, most of the time, with fabric; this makes them flimsy. Also, since they do not have security locks, it is not advisable to leave them on the motorcycle and walk away, as you could do with a trunk or suitcase.


Suitcases are another viable option if you are one of those who travel frequently and need your luggage constantly. Unlike the trunks, the suitcases have different hooks to be able to adapt to the side areas of different types of motorcycle. However, its capacity is usually greater than the top cases.

This product comes with security locks to protect your most treasured possessions and, being rigid, its exterior is also strong and durable.

Choosing which is best among these 3 options depends a lot on what is most important to you. If you want more freedom of movement, choose some bags. If you prefer comfort, security and you will not carry a lot of luggage, then a trunk is for you. Whereas, if you need to travel constantly and want protection, then you should choose some suitcases.


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