tips to keep your car intact in winter

It is not necessary to leave the car at home when it is snowing heavily, nor is it necessary to walk in inclement snow in low temperatures. Just having the car ready and prepared for winter, following 7 tips, will prevent you from having problems the next time it snows.


The winter season is quite a beautiful time that allows you to spend time with your closest family and friends and the city to take on a nice white hue due to the snow. In spite of everything, although there are very positive characteristics, it is true that snow takes away, in a certain way, your freedom. Some daily activities, such as driving or going out with friends, can become complicated and even dangerous, considering the car accidents that often occur in winter.

Sliding and skidding, along with poor visibility, are the things that can make getting around by car more difficult. For that reason, it is necessary to take all the necessary precautions to avoid any type of problems. In addition, it is not only advisable to follow safety steps, you could also consider carrying out certain actions for your comfort in the winter season.

That way, your life can go on as normal, regardless of the temperature you are at and the amount of snow that is falling. Taking a few simple steps could make a difference.


Check your car battery

Have you noticed the way in which your mobile phone loses the battery percentage more quickly when you are in cold environments? This may lead you to believe that the phone has been damaged, but in reality it just shows you how much low temperatures affect the battery.

The same thing happens with this artifact when it comes to a car. It is possible that your battery has been recently purchased and that it has not given you any problem, however, it may still refuse to work, since the power of a battery can decrease up to 50% due to the cold.

When the winter is strong enough, try to go to a mechanic to evaluate the condition of your battery and diagnose if a change is needed or not.




Buy new tires or chains

Tires are to your car what your feet are to you, a base that gives you the stability you need to hold you steady and move safely. For that reason, it is imperative to keep them in good condition.

With ice and snow, the roads tend to be more slippery than normal and, because of this, it is necessary to drive at a slower speed and move carefully to avoid skidding. It is necessary to maintain traction, so even though your tires are in excellent condition, it is advisable to consider the possibility of purchasing special ones for snow, if it is abundant on the street or you want to avoid wearing your tires.

Using chains is also convenient and, unlike the new tires, these can be removed and attached without any problem. The chains will slow down the speed at which you can go, but in return, they work as an effective anti-slip system that will keep you safe on the road.


Pay attention to your windshield wiper

If this product is worn out, don’t wonder for long which wiper to buy and just get one as quickly as possible, if you want to get out. This is a piece that should not be missing not only in snowfall, but in rain and other environmental conditions.

The windshield wiper is responsible for keeping the front glass clear so as not to affect your vision, in addition to the rear glass to have better control of your surroundings. Do not allow your brush to be completely damaged and, at the first sign of wear, proceed to change it. Never compromise your field of vision, as your eyes can save you from an accident.


Acquire sandbags

Do you have a car that stands out for its rear-wheel drive? Then you will like to know that simply by placing some sandbags in the trunk or other items that weigh significantly, the traction will increase, if you need it.

Besides being very cheap, they will help you distribute the weight.


Make an appointment at the mechanic

The cold will surely make you go to the doctor for the flu and, like you, your car needs its doctor in these conditions, that is, the mechanic.

If you don’t know how to inspect your car, don’t hesitate to take it to a professional to check each part and system and determine if your car is suitable for winter use. If it isn’t, make the necessary adjustments to be able to date it safely, but if it’s okay, just pay attention and wear it again after a while.




Protect your car

If you leave your car outside without any type of protection, it is inevitable that it will wake up covered with snow and with ice on the windows and windshield. If you are late for work, you will surely waste valuable time getting rid of all this.

To avoid this, you have two options. The simplest is to simply park your car somewhere covered and preferably warm so that the snow does not fall on it. However, if this is not within your means, then purchase a cover and place it on the car. When you wake up, you only need to remove it, and then repeat the process daily.


Have an emergency kit always on hand

It is not healthy to always think that everything bad is going to happen to you, because this paranoia can raise your levels of stress and anxiety, but it is smart to be prepared for any scenario. Keeping an emergency kit could be your salvation in the event of an accident.

Hydration and food should never be lacking, nor should medications that help you deal with wounds. To keep you connected and with maximum visibility, include portable chargers, flashlights and batteries for your gadgets.

A shovel and even kitty litter can help you get rid of the snow around you if it catches you in the middle of the road. If you need to wait, some blankets will help you fight the cold. 

These steps, in addition to being simple and not drastically changing your routine, will make you completely safe in the winter seasons and, if you feel like this, then it is easier to enjoy each trip.



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