Tips and care to ensure the durability of a portable cooler

Although the cooler may seem like an intuitive piece of equipment, there are a number of tricks that can extend its life. For this reason, it is advisable to take into account minimum aspects of its use, from how to place the food inside, to the best way to charge its battery so that it has an optimal performance.

It is important to thoroughly review the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations, since it is in this section where we can learn about the maintenance methods that will later improve the operation of the equipment. Similarly, the user manual can show relevant information regarding the design and functionality of the refrigerator, such as its capacity and autonomy. However, some experts on the subject have pointed out some additional tips that are worth considering.

Check the capacity and air circulation

If you plan to use the cooler to go camping, it is best to buy a model with a capacity above 25 liters, since this way you can store enough food for several days without obstructing the ventilation system of the refrigerator excessively. of food, which may cause a malfunction. A tip not to cover the refrigerator fan is to place bottles in the place, because the cylindrical structure favors the distribution of air even when they are close to the duct, while plastic food packages can more easily obstruct that area.

Organize the food inside correctly

One of the most popular tricks among users has to do with placing the food that you want to cool faster at the bottom of the fridge, but this means that you must remove the rest of the food to have access to the one you placed last. For this reason, one of the most recommended ways to store food in a portable refrigerator is to place the meat or sausage packages in the bottom, then it may be convenient to introduce some ice bags or cold sodas, since this way the bottom will always be cold.

Once the temperature of the meat is assured, then you can place the rest of the food according to the capacity of the fridge and the need for cooling. You should consider that solid foods have a higher priority than liquids, for example, a meal prepared at home needs to be preserved in a better way than a bottle of water, so water bottles can be used exclusively to separate food and help to keep the cold. If you do not have enough space to put water bottles, it is better to store the foods that do need it in the refrigerator and drink the water at room temperature outside the refrigerator.

As a solution to the storage of solid and liquid food, you could have two portable refrigerators. In case you are concerned about the price, you should know that the beverage refrigerator should not have a wide variety of functions and possibilities, since a small and cheap model can be enough to maintain the freshness of the liquids, which is the function The main part of any refrigerator, even if it works by means of ice packs.

On the other hand, the model intended for food should preferably be electric and with a refrigeration system that works with thermo ventilation, in addition, it is good that it has a compressor, since this expands its possibilities of adjusting the internal temperature and favors a optimal air distribution.

It takes a minimum of two batteries, cartridges or spare parts

One of the most popular tips for lovers of camping and adventure tourism is to have two batteries as a minimum requirement if you want to take a cooler with you. The main function of carrying batteries is to avoid overloading the plug or car cigarette lighter, since portable refrigerators are devices that tend to consume more than any other device that can be connected to this plug. However, technology has advanced enough that some of the newer models have low power consumption and more efficient performance, protecting your car’s electrical system.

In the same way, it is advisable to carry another battery or additional recharge in the trunk, since you will not always have the possibility of connecting the refrigerator to the car’s power system and in this case it will be necessary to keep its operation in good condition. Also, most refrigerators have easy-to-install batteries and don’t take up much space.

Other recommendations to keep your cooler in the best condition

Even if you have the best car fridge of the moment , you must take into account some care to ensure its performance. For example, it is important never to store food that is still warm or hot, as this will greatly slow down the cooling system of the appliance, in the same way that normally happens with the refrigerators that we have at home.

If possible, you should keep the equipment always connected to the current, especially with regard to portable refrigerators for long trips, since this way the cooling will be more efficient and faster, in this case, thermoelectric type refrigerators are recommended . Also, if you want to help them cool faster, you can always add food or drinks that are already cold. It is important not to constantly open and close the refrigerator, as this prevents the internal temperature from concentrating and forces the equipment to work harder while reducing its performance.

On the other hand, if you want to defrost food with the heating system of your car fridge, then it is recommended that you remove the food from the freezer beforehand so as not to introduce fully frozen items inside the cooler. It is important to remember that your system is not suitable for defrosting because it does not have the capacity of an electric oven or microwave.


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