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The TRUTH behind the Honda Civic transmission remember


Honda has a reputation for making a quality vehicle. However, they have been plagued with transmission problems with many models. Most automakers seem to have an Achilles heel or two. If you own or plan to buy a Honda, you should be aware of Honda Civic transmission recalls.

Honda Civic recalls and transmission problems relate to:

  • CVT Transmission Recall
  • Parking brake reminder
  • Various complaints about the Honda Civic transmission

Honda Civic In Motion 2021 silver

The most recent recalls involved the Honda CVT transmission. However, the old automatic transmission has its fair share of complaints, even if it’s not involved in a recall. If you’re wondering if your Honda Civic is involved in a recall or having transmission problems, we have some solutions.

CVT Transmission Recall

NHTSA Callback ID: 15V574000

This recall affects the 2014-2015 Honda Civic. The CVT transmission had incorrect parameters. This caused excessive pressure on the pulley, which can cause the pulley to break. The recall was issued in October 2015 and affected 143,676 vehicles.

If the pulley breaks, it can cause the vehicle to stop accelerating and the front wheels to lock. This leads to loss of control of the vehicle and increases the risk of an accident.

If your Honda Civic is part of this transmission recall, you can contact your local Honda dealer or get more information on the NHTSA website. You can also contact Honda Customer Service at 1-888-234-2138. Your Honda dealer will update the transmission software to fix the problem.

The parking brake does not activate

NHTSA Callback ID: 16V725000

Car parking brake indicator on dashboard

This recall applies to the 2016 Civic. Honda states that the electronic parking brake may not engage under certain circumstances. This recall affected 350,083 people and began in October 2016.

This can allow the vehicle to move because the driver thinks it is parked.

If your vehicle is involved in this recall, you can contact Honda at 1-888-234-213 or visit the NHTSA website. Honda will provide a software update that should resolve the issue at no cost to you.

Collective action

The parking brake problem may go beyond the 2016 Civic. A class action lawsuit says the 2016-2018 Honda Civic is driving due to a malfunctioning electronic parking brake. The lawsuit also says the problem was not resolved by the recall of the 2016 Honda Civic transmission and that Honda could have created a safer design.

Honda Civic Transmission Complaints

There are numerous complaints about failed Honda Civic transmissions, but no recalls have been issued for this problem. Honda will not repair the problem if it is out of warranty. The model year with the most problems is the 2001 Honda Civic, with nearly 400 transmission complaints on the NHTSA website. The 2002 and 2003 Civics follow closely behind in terms of complaints.

Some Civic owners report that the transmission malfunctioned in the middle of the highway or at a red light, creating a dangerous situation. Honda has had major safety issues in the past, including several recalls of Takata airbags. The time it took for Honda to recall the airbags, and the multiple recalls required, set a worrying precedent for Honda owners.

What to do if you have problems with the Honda Civic transmission

If you are having transmission problems with your Honda Civic, you should first look for a recall. You can search by VIN number or by make and model on the NHTSA website. You can also contact your local Honda dealer or contact Honda Customer Service at 1-888-234-2138.

If your Honda Civic is not under recall, you can file a complaint on the NHTSA website. These complaints notify Honda of the problems and also inform other car owners about them.


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