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The Most Common Faults Of The Porsche Boxster: Problems And Solutions!

The Porsche Boxster is an affordable and stylish sports car that has what it takes to turn heads without the extravagant cry for attention associated with Ferraris or Lamborghinis. Therefore, if you want to be the center of attention, this car is for you, but first, we will teach you here the common faults of the Porsche Boxster , so you can be careful.

The car is a powerful mid-engined roadster that is the first vehicle of its kind created by the German manufacturer since the Spyder 550. If you want a great sports car on a budget, opting for a second-hand Boxster could be the answer.

Common faults of the Porsche Boxster

With all the used cars for sale, you need to make sure you give it a full checkup before you buy it, and to help you on your quest we’ve put together this list of all the common Porsche Boxster failures.

1- Failures in the suspension

Before you jump in to test drive the Boxster, take a look at the car’s profile, if you see a slightly tilted or uneven profile, you’re probably dealing with a broken coil spring , and you can corroborate your suspicions by listening for knocking and whining sounds when turning or traveling. over uneven terrain.

2- Transmission problems

Although the Boxster’s transmission is of a high quality, this means that problems can go unnoticed. With automatic systems you need to pay attention to clicks and buzzes coming from the rear of the car, while manual systems can be affected by stiff gear changes, heavy clutch pedals and a clang when driving. turn off the engine. All of these are serious warning signs and should not be ignored.

3- Worn oil seals

Look under the bodywork of your potential purchase. Are there oil leaks or oil stains where the car was parked? If so, the culprit could be the rear oil seal , which is known to degrade and cause engine leaks. Unfortunately, although it is a small part, it is relatively expensive to repair, since the entire gearbox assembly has to be disassembled.

4- Problems with the refrigerant and air conditioning

Leaves and other debris can get caught in the Boxster’s vents . If not cleaned, moisture from the material will cause radiators and air cooling systems to corrode.

Check the ducts to make sure they are completely free of debris and stone damage, as this problem can be one of the most common Porsche Boxster failures and one of the most expensive to fix.

5- Disadvantages with the holes in the cylinders

Another common and well-known Porsche Boxster problem is scored cylinder bores, which can cause the vehicle to have low oil levels, soot emissions and a knocking sound from the engine, along with decreased engine performance. performance levels. However, the only way to absolutely confirm the presence of this problem is with a mechanical inspection.

6- Problems with bearings

The Boxster suffers from a particularly notorious failure with the IMS bearing , which can cause massive engine failure. Fortunately, engines in vehicles built after 2007 have a redesign feature that strengthens the engine and prevents failure from occurring.

7- Cracks in the cylinder head

Although this is not the most common problem, it is worth opening the hood and looking at the cylinder heads. Watch out for cracks in the exhaust valve seats or around the spark plug holes , which could be very problematic for engine operation.

8- Failures due to a porous motor

Is your possible Boxster from 1997? There was a widely reported failure with a porous engine block that could cause the car to fail outright. Most affected vehicles have been recalled, so check the service history to make sure any potential issues have been fixed.

To end

The Boxster is a great car to drive and while it probably isn’t suitable for the novice driver, it’s good for a retired couple who have the money and their kids are already in college. However, as this car sits at the higher end of the market, it may be worthwhile to have any vehicle you are considering purchasing professionally checked.

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