The lubrication of our vehicle beyond motor oil

When we talk about lubrication in our vehicle, we generally think of the oil that runs through the engine. However, there are many more elements that need greases, oils and lubricants.


A vehicle has a large number of moving parts and elements, which require adequate lubrication to function better. When talking about this lubrication, we would surely think about the engine and all the parts that are bathed in the oil that circulates through it, thus avoiding problems of premature wear, excess heat and other inconveniences that can affect its operation. However, there are more elements that require lubrication and that we must take proper care of, unless we want to face problems such as breakdowns, premature wear and other inconveniences derived from incorrect maintenance. Let us know what elements we are talking about.



The gearbox is the area in which the different gear discs are activated as we move the lever. A process in which different metals rub against each other, especially if we do not step on the clutch well, which requires a high level of lubrication so that these discs and the clutch are not damaged.

The good news is that the oil in these gearboxes does not require maintenance as such, unless a repair is carried out on the gearbox. The lubrication circuit is closed and can only be accessed by removing the box. So as long as it is not necessary to intervene on it, it will not be necessary to touch that oil. Something that the workshop where we take the vehicle will do, in case it is necessary.

This standard has some expressions. One of them is the case of single-tank wet clutches, in which we must change the oil at intervals of 40,000 to 80,000 kilometers. We must also change it in the boxes with a torque converter, from 30,000 to 150,000 kilometers as indicated by the manufacturer, as well as in the CVT or continuously variable transmission boxes, with intervals of 60,000 to 150,000 kilometers.




Air conditioner

Despite being one of the great forgotten, the air conditioning system is another element that needs careful lubrication. Especially considering that it is used in situations of considerable heat and that a good part of the vehicle’s operation depends on its proper operation, due to the energy load that the air conditioning demands.

Among the elements that require lubrication we have the area of ​​the compressor or the needle of the expansion valve. Moving parts that, if they do not have adequate lubrication, could end up being damaged or broken. The problem we find when lubricating these parts is similar to that of the gearbox. They are not parts that are accessible to the user on foot, but this lubrication process must be carried out in a specialized workshop. That is why it is highly recommended that when we change the air conditioning filters or recharge the gas we ask the workshop to properly lubricate the system.


Axles and wheels

Among the parts that move the most, when it comes to driving, we have everything related to the axles of the vehicle and its tires. A large number of mobile elements, among which we have the axles, the steering rack, the wheel hubs and many others that require greasing, in order to reduce the wear of the materials and to achieve better performance.

In general, these elements are properly greased when we buy the vehicle, but with use, dust and the passage of time, the quality of this grease disappears, making it necessary to clean the contact areas and apply a suitable grease, with which to maintain the smooth operation of the parts.  

Luckily, this process can be carried out domestically, as long as you can get under the vehicle and buy a suitable grease for this type of use. However, modern greases almost last forever in good condition, so it is not a process that you should carry out frequently, with rare exceptions.




Other elements

We now review other elements that also require greasing. Elements such as seat guides, which allow them to be moved comfortably and adjusted to our liking. Something that also happens with the motors of the mirrors or electric windows, to achieve a more fluid operation in them. The brake systems are also greased, so that they run properly when you step on the pedal or pull the handbrake.

We can also find grease in areas such as the different pedals, so that they run properly when stepping on them, as well as in the windshield wipers, to reduce the effort made by the engine when moving them. A large number of elements in which, fortunately for the user, a high-quality grease is used that requires little maintenance, unless the part is disassembled or needs to be cleaned. Therefore, all these elements do not require any maintenance unless that layer of grease is lost.


And of course the engine

Although we have saved it for last, we cannot forget about motor oil, which is the one we usually pay the most attention to. This oil is responsible for running through all the interior elements of the engine, such as pistons, valves, cams and others, thus allowing the engine to run more fluidly and efficiently. A process in which we also have lower fuel consumption, due to the lower friction between these elements, which also lengthens the life of the engine.

So to take better care of our vehicle, the only thing we have to worry about is choosing the best 5W30 oil ( In this link you find several products to analyze ) , 10W40 or the one that corresponds, depending on what the manufacturer tells us. And with proper control and filling of that oil level, we will not have any problem that it adequately complies with what it should, both when lubricating and cleaning and refreshing the engine of our vehicle.


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