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Safe driving helps reduce the chances of accidents on the road. User distractions tend to be related to mobiles and their manipulation. Hence, it is appropriate to have a base that allows its use without releasing the steering wheel. As there are so many alternatives, the prudent thing to do is look for characteristics that denote quality. Therefore, we invite you to read this guide to buy the best mobile car holder on the market. 


Shopping guide



When making a comparison of mobile car holders, a feature that should not be missed is the compatibility that this base has with different brands and models of mobile phones, as well as with other devices. The more compatibility you have, the more likely it is that more equipment can be placed on the stand. 

Some brands have introduced support models to the market that are considered universal. This is possible because they are equipped with adjustable arms to different sizes, or because it is only necessary to place the device on the base for the magnetic attraction to begin. In this way, compatibility will only be limited by the weight of the mobile or GPS. The general recommendation is that alternatives compatible with all brands are selected, such as Samsung, iPhone, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, among others. In addition, it is important that compatibility applies not only to brands, but to models. 



An inexpensive mobile phone holder is a suitable alternative, but beyond this property, the design must be analyzed, since it will be this attribute that determines whether it is more or less convenient. To begin, it is necessary to specify that the vast majority of these supports are compact, small and light, which facilitates their portability. 

Also, there are different types in relation to the design. For one thing, you can get ones that have a clip-on design that fits with the air conditioning system vents. Also, there are some options that must be fixed through an adhesive to the dashboard of the car and, after installed, the mobile device can be placed. 

Similarly, some brands have presented alternatives to place on the dashboard, being options that use a clamp as a hooking mechanism. Finally, other designs that are among the most popular are those that are placed in the car’s CD slot and those with a suction cup, which include a sticky gel that allows a correct adherence to the windshield or other spaces on the vehicle dashboard.



There are those who want to know how much a mobile car holder costs before making a purchase. The answer to this question can be found in the materials that the manufacturer incorporated for the construction of the support. These pieces are generally compact in size and tend to be lightweight. This occurs because its manufacture has been made from high-quality materials that are resistant, but low in weight. 

The vast majority of models are made of ABS plastic. In addition, according to the type, they include other materials such as metal plates, magnets, rubber and other plastic alloys that allow greater flexibility.



In the market, you can get different models of mobile car mounts that meet different requirements. In this sense, it is necessary to opt for alternatives that include a fixed base, but with a rotating head. 

This head must be able to rotate 360 ​​degrees, which will allow greater comfort for the user when handling the mobile device, by providing a greater range of visibility, without having to take their eyes off the road. Therefore, these alternatives tend to be suitable, as they provide greater safety while driving.


Quantity and plates

On the market there are supports that are made up of two units, so that both can be installed in the car to place a mobile on each of the bases. In the same way, when making the choice, it is important that the accessories that are added are corroborated. 

In the case of models with magnet, they must include a metallic or magnetic plate that must be placed on the device, so that the attraction between the mobile and the support is created. In turn, these have different sizes, being a large one for use in phones with a case and a small one for devices without a case.




Frequently asked questions


Q1: How to use a car phone holder?

It is only required that the base of the device be placed on the dashboard of the car, either by fastening to the air conditioning vents, with a suction cup to the windshield, with a clamp to the dashboard or through an adhesive that will take care of the grip . Once the bracket is installed, just add the mobile and adjust. According to the model, the way of use differs between one alternative and another. In some options it is necessary to place a metal plate on the mobile, while in others it only needs to be adjusted in the clamp, depending on the size of the device. 


Q2: How to stick a mobile holder to the car?

Generally, these mobile supports include a special adhesive that serves to increase the gluing system. This way, the base of the mount will be properly attached to the dashboard of the car. Similarly, there are some alternatives that have a different system and are glued through a gel suction cup that improves grip, it is only necessary to place it on the windshield and apply a little pressure. 


Q3: Where to place a car phone holder?

If it is a small clip model, it will need to be positioned and adjusted on the air conditioning vents. In the case of the large clip models, which looks like a kind of clip, it must be placed on the part that protrudes from the dash, also known as the dashboard. Other alternatives can be placed in the car’s CD slot. Meanwhile, there are some models that can be attached to any space on the dashboard surface, through an adhesive or on the windshield, using the included suction cup.


Q4: How to make a homemade car phone holder?

There are a number of ways to creatively make and adapt a homemade mobile stand. Some of the ideas suggest the use of large office paper clips. These can be modified by bending the wire parts to hold the mobile, plus they can be painted to personalize them. Similarly, some suggestions point to using the same clips, but adding a suction cup to the base for a better grip. Other simple options include the use of a strong magnet that is capable of supporting the weight of the mobile, as well as a thin metal plate. The magnet must be attached to some area of ​​the dashboard, while the plate must be included between the mobile and the case. 


Q5: Is it safe to use a car phone holder?

It is necessary to specify that any element that distracts the concentration and the view of the road during the driving time is unsafe. It is advisable and recommended to have your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Once this has been clarified, the supports are safe systems to keep devices such as mobiles and GPS in a stable way, in order to access them with a low level of distraction, since it is possible to manipulate them with one hand and, to follow a route on the GPS, it is only necessary to look away slightly. Therefore, safety is the responsibility of the driver. 


Q6: Is it legal to use a car phone holder?

The answer to this question can be a bit ambiguous. The use of mobile car holders is legal. However, it is not legal to drive using your mobile device, because this could lead to an accident. Although these supports are designed to avoid distractions, there are those who misuse the support and take the opportunity to enter social networks, search and even play while driving. These bad practices have led to the fact that in some countries such as France, the disadvantages of having the mobile device on these supports are already being analyzed. 


Q7: How does a mobile HUD car mount work?

This kind of bracket stands out from the rest because it can be installed on the dashboard visor, allowing an almost absolute view. This gives the user the ability to access relevant route information while driving. In general, the main screen of the support reflects the data emitted by the mobile, being this transparent, so the visibility of the road is not limited.



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