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The best Honda Odyssey air filter


What is the best air filter for Honda Odyssey?

Depends. If you’re looking for a standard air filter, you can get one for around $22 at HondaPartsNOW. You can also find a working filter at an auto parts store like AutoZone in person or online, like this STP replacement air filter for just $19.99.

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Making sure your car is in top condition can be confusing, especially if you don’t understand all the moving parts associated with making it happen. One of the most crucial pieces of this puzzle is the car’s air filter. It is very important to have the correct one for the Honda Odyssey

History of the automotive air filter

Although engine air filters come in many variations, the job is essentially the same. Interestingly, early cars did not have air filters in the engine, which shortened engine life and hurt performance. The first air filters were made of paper or fiber, which is a variant of what is used today.

Initially, air filters were round for carburetors on older vehicle models. Once the industry switched to fuel injection, manufacturers began making flat air filters to reduce the space required. Additionally, they are usually housed in a casing that is not visible when the hood is open.

There are two air filters in the Honda Odyssey: the engine filter and the cabin air filter. These filters help prevent dust, dirt, and all other environmental hazards and contaminants from entering your engine and also clean the air as it moves through the ventilation system.

What does the Honda Odyssey engine air filter do?

The engine air filter is located in the engine crankcase and should be replaced at the recommended intervals to avoid affecting engine performance and causing a loss of fuel efficiency.

How does the Honda Odyssey cabin air filter work?

The cabin air filter helps purify the air circulating in the heating and cooling ventilation system. It is designed to trap allergens such as pollen, smog, dust, or mold.

Honda Odyssey Air Filter Specifications

Assortment of car air filters.

Air filters vary by year and model. On most models, the engine and cabin air filters should be replaced every 10,000 miles when in areas with extreme conditions, whether hot or cold. Under normal driving conditions, 15,000 to 30,000 should be sufficient. If it’s not a high priority, it makes sense to change these filters at least once a year. The cabin filter should be changed regularly to ensure that allergens are kept to a minimum in the vehicle.

Are there any signs that indicate it’s time to change the air filter?

The engine will show the following signs:

  • Strange noises at idle
  • A decrease in energy efficiency
  • Black exhaust smoke
  • Debris or dirt buildup around the engine air inlet
  • Decreased acceleration
  • The service engine light on the dashboard may come on
  • Dirty air filter
  • Slow engine start

The cabin will have the following signage:

  • A decrease in airflow
  • Bad smells
  • An abnormal increase in noise from the aerators.

Should these air filters be purchased from the dealer?

No. Although Honda makes original air filters for its cars, they can also be found through a dealership or auto parts store. There are several manufacturers that offer these filters, such as K&N, AEM, Volant, and Injen. Replacement of these air filters should be performed by a licensed professional unless you can follow the instructions outlined in the user manual. The general objective is to have good performances throughout the year.

Safety Considerations for Changing Air Filters

While you keep germs and other debris inside the cabin or engine, there are other things to consider. Reduced airflow can lead to unsafe driving conditions and also damage the internal climate control system. Addressing this as soon as possible and staying on top helps promote healthy, happy engines and drivers.


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