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The 11 Common Failures Of The Chrysler Voyager: Reliability And Solutions!

The Chrysler Voyager is a popular vehicle characterized by being big on the road, offering seven seats of passenger space with a roomy trunk in the rear. If you are interested in acquiring this car or already have one, learn about the common failures of the Chrysler Voyager here .

First introduced to the market by Chrysler in 1984, this model became a fixture of the range in the US before being launched in the EU in 1988 and has undergone a slight rebranding in recent years as the Grand voyager.

How good is the Chrysler Voyager?

The Chrysler Voyager isn’t going to win any awards for good looks, but when it comes to hauling power it’s up there with some of the best.

The Voyager is a well designed car that makes a great second hand buy. Despite having good reliability, you need to be aware of several known issues related to this car, such as the most frequent Chrysler Voyager failures.

Common failures of the Chrysler Voyager

Reading through these common Chrysler Voyager failures should help you figure out what is wrong with your Voyager, or just what you should pay attention to in the future. We will also give you suggestions on what to do if your Chrysler Grand Voyager has one of these problems.

1- Brake problems

When you put your foot on the brakes during the test drive, if you can hear a hissing noise, then you probably have a problem with the Chrysler Voyager’s brake booster. It’s not the most dangerous problem, but you’ll have to replace the part to get rid of the noise.

2- Failures in the speedometer

The Grand Voyager’s speedometer is prone to failure . The cause is usually a failure in the input and output sensors of the gearbox. Another common symptom of bad gearbox input and output sensors is the vehicle not going faster than 30 mph.

You will have to replace the gearbox input and output sensors to fix the problem.

3- Failures in the suspension bushings

When you’re test-driving the car and taking your potential purchase out on the road, try to drive on rougher roads, as this will give you a good indication of the condition of the suspension bushings. They are said to be one of the first parts to fail in the car. Confirm your suspicions by giving the car a quick push on the hood and seeing that the car returns to position in a single bounce.

4- Problems with heating

The heater box has been known to fail on the Grand Voyager. If you try to change the direction of the vents and all you get is a clicking noise, then the heater box has failed. You will need to replace the heater box to rectify the situation.

5- Automatic gearbox blocked

Are you thinking of buying a diesel automatic model? Take the car for a test drive and quickly push it to high speeds. If the automatic gearbox locks up and doesn’t engage properly , then you have a problem with the transmission. This is one of the most expensive common Chrysler Voyager failures to repair.

6- Oil leak

If you’ve noticed an oil leak on the floor outside the car, then the most likely cause is a failure of the power steering coolant hoses. On Grand Voyagers made from 2001-2008 this was a particularly common problem.

You will need to install a replacement hose to fix the problem. The hose was revised on vehicles built after these model years to ensure longer life.

7- Failure of the shock absorbers

Ride quality is a big factor, and there’s a known issue with the Chrysler Voyager’s shock absorbers. Fortunately, there is a very quick check that can be done while the vehicle is stationary. Just look under the wheel arch at the springs. If there are any signs of moisture on the parts it is a very good indicator that the shocks are leaking and not up to scratch.

8- The electric door switches do not work

Power door switches are prone to failure. This is due to a wiring fault that may affect the power window switches and power mirror switches.

If you have noticed that one of the door switches on your Grand Voyager is not working, this is probably the cause. You will need to rewire the affected door wires to fix the problem .

9- Problems with electric doors

There is a common Chrysler Voyager problem that is widely reported to be with the electronically operated power sliding door latch. It is fairly easy to diagnose if the door is working using the manual controls, but not the circuit breaker. So you know the latch has failed . Problems with the engine not running have also been reported.

10- Problems in seat belts

Check the service history of any Chrysler Voyager you’re thinking of buying, especially if it’s an early model, as there was a known issue with the rear seat belt attachment, which caused a wide recall. You will want to see proof that the job was completed.

11- Failure in the power steering

If the Voyager you’re thinking of buying was built in the early 2000s, it could have been the subject of a recall due to a serious power steering failure that would sometimes cause the vehicle to catch fire. Once again, take a look at Chrysler’s service history to verify that the job was done correctly.

In conclusion

Reports in online review communities seem to give an overwhelmingly positive response to the Voyager’s capabilities as a used car. The owners believe that their vehicle is of high quality with a robust character that has the strength to last for years, carrying the largest family unit. These qualities make it a great buy for a family looking to maximize space and road-worthiness for their money.

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