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The 10 Most Common Ford C-Max Failures: Breakdowns And More!

Based on the Ford Focus, the C-Max is a great car that holds its value very well on the used market. So if you are interested in buying one, find out about all the common faults of the Ford C-Max here.

The Ford C-Max is a compact car that has been rolling off Ford’s production lines since 2003. Available as a standard five-door model, it has a simple front-engine and front-wheel drive system that is great on the road and gives the driver car a good balance between fuel economy, space and handling.

Common faults of the Ford C-Max

There are plenty of parts available and, like many Fords, it doesn’t have too many bugs. However, there are some danger signs to look out for when buying a pre-owned model.

1- Suspension problems

During your test drive, do you hear a lot of groaning and creaking coming from the front of the car? If these noises are plaguing your airwaves, then the offending character in this story is likely the front suspension bushings .

Confirm your suspicions with a quick shove on the hood when the car is parked. If it doesn’t return to its position in a single bounce, you know the bushings have dried up and cracked.

2- It consumes too much fuel and has no power

If the car consumes too much fuel and does not have enough power, it may be that the radiator tube is cracked. This tube runs from the radiator to the top of the engine. The middle section of the tube has a metal cover and this can crack, which means that the tube will be covered in oil. It will be necessary to change the tube to solve the problem .

3- Clutch problems

This is possibly the most important frequent failure of the Ford C-Max. You don’t want to buy a used model with a bad clutch, so do your due diligence during your test drive and make sure it doesn’t slip under hard throttle during gear changes. Clutch problems will require a replacement part, which will likely cost a considerable amount of money.

5- Failures in the headlights

Higher-end models of the C-Max are notorious for having a headlight system that is beyond complicated to fix . These xenon headlights can burn out and their repair requires an expensive visit to the workshop. Make sure you take time during your test drive to confirm that everything is present and correct with both headlights.

6- Problems with the rear brakes

You must back up carefully during a test drive point in a quiet area. Pay attention to noise coming from the rear, which is probably coming from the rear brake calipers, and will be caused by the mounting bracket. If this is the case, the remedy is to replace the brake pads , which isn’t too expensive of a repair if the rest of the car’s parts are in good condition.

7- Problems with the turbocharger

The turbocharger does not start . The turbo unit itself is probably clogged with carbon, leading to a blocked oil feed pipe. A simple cleaning of the oil feed tube tends to solve the problem, but in rare cases, it will have been badly damaged. You will have to buy a replacement oil feed tube or even the entire turbocharger in extreme cases.

8- Failures in the air conditioning

Whatever the time of year, be sure to turn down the air conditioning temperature when you take any C-Max out for a test ride. If you want to experience a full blast of cooling or the car may be suffering from an issue where the compressor pipe is known to fracture and break.

9- Problems in the direction

It is increasingly difficult to steer the car . If the C-Max was manufactured between April and May of 2015, it is very likely that the power steering has the wrong hose. This not only makes steering difficult, but could also cause leaks that could lead to a fire. You can buy a replacement hose and change it yourself.

10- Slippery driving

The car slips, especially in wet weather . The C-Max is notorious for excessive front tire wear. Check the depth of the thread and replace all worn tires as necessary.

To complete

The Ford C-Max has been the subject of several recalls. Among them, there have been known engine failures in 2006. Problems with the braking systems caused a wide recall in 2007 and 2009 and, finally, there was a problem with the power steering that has appeared on more than one occasion since this It is a common failure of the Ford C-Max. Check that the repair work has been completed.

The Ford C-Max is a great buy if you have a small family and want a first or second car that won’t break the bank. Although it doesn’t have the space of large vehicles, it doesn’t require much road tax or insurance and is perfect for the busiest city streets.

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