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Technical Data Sheet Of The Volkswagen Golf R 2019 + Design And

In this technical specifications of the Volkswagen Golf R 2019, we show you how this car with abundant power, sporty handling and four-wheel drive stability, is a modern interpretation of the GTI legacy, with which VW almost single-handedly invented what we now call the hot hatch.

In that sense, this is a car that will raise your heart rate while offering a comfortable interior and inherent hatchback versatility. So, read on and determine if the R is the vehicle for you.

Technical data sheet of the Volkswagen Golf R

General data

For 2019, the Golf R was carried over without substantial changes, adding only a very interesting new color palette (40 in total). And like the previous model, this car comes standard with everything in the Golf’s arsenal, including adaptive LED headlights, a large touchscreen, and a host of driver-assist features.

Since this car comes in only one standard trim, the choice really comes down to choosing one of a few dozen colors and whether you want the manual or dual-clutch automatic transmission, with the automatic being more sensible but the manual promising a lot more fun. Below, you can review the technical sheet of the Volkswagen Golf R 2019.

Technical sheet of the Volkswagen Golf R (engine specifications)
Engine type: number of cylinders Online 4
engine code
Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel system Direct/indirect mixed injection
engine alignment Cross
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity 1984 cm³ or 121.1 cubic inches
Bore x stroke 82.5 x 92.8 mm or 3.25 x 3.65 inches
Number of valves 16 valves
Aspiration turbo intercooler
Compression rate 9.3
Maximum Power – Output – Horsepower 300 hp or 221 kW at 5300 rpm
maximum torque 400 Nm or 295 Pounds ft at 2000 rpm
Drive wheels – Traction – Drive train AWD
Transmission gearbox – Number of speeds 7-speed dual-clutch automatic
Technical data sheet of the Volkswagen Golf R (Fuel consumption, emissions and autonomy)
Fuel consumption – Economy – Combined 7.1L/100km | 40 mpg UK / 33 mpg US
Fuel consumption – Economy – Open road 6.5L/100km | 43 mpg UK / 36 mpg US
Fuel consumption – Economy – City 8.1L/100km | 35 mpg UK / 29 mpg US
Distance 775 km or 482 miles
Fuel tank capacity 55L | 12.1 British gallons | 14.5 US gallons
CO2 emissions 160 gr/km
Technical data sheet of the Volkswagen Golf R (Performance)
Maximum speed 250 km/h or 155 Mph
Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) 4.6 seconds
Technical data sheet of the Volkswagen Golf R (Dimensions, Aerodynamics and Weight)
Number of doors 5
Distance between axis 262.6 cm or 103.4 inches
Long 426.3 cm or 167.8 inches
Broad 179 cm or 70.5 inches
Height 146.5 cm or 57.7 inches
Aerodynamic drag coefficient – Cx
Front Brakes – Disc Dimensions Ventilated discs (- mm)
Rear Brakes – Disc Dimensions Ventilated discs (- mm)
Front Tires – Rim Dimensions 225/40 R18
Rear Tires – Rim Dimensions 225/40 R18
Empty weight 1476 kg OR 2725 lbs
Output power-weight ratio 9.9kg/hp
Boot/trunk capacity 343-1233L
Front suspension Independent McPherson. Helical springs. Anti roll bar
rear suspension Deformable parallelogram. Helical springs. Anti roll bar

car design

Technical data sheet of the Volkswagen Golf R (2)

It is undoubtedly the hot-rod edition of the Golf and GTI hatchbacks. As you may have seen in the Volkswagen Golf R spec sheet, it seats five and comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine (300 hp, 295 lb-ft of torque).

Additionally, power is sent to all four wheels through a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (called DSG).

The 2019 Golf R hasn’t changed much from its predecessor, but Volkswagen is adding a new special color program, called Spektrum, that unlocks 40 different exterior color options to paint this car. Do you want a Golf R in Irish Green or Nogaro Blue Pearl? VW will do it for you.

Thus, most of these paint options were once used by iconic VW models throughout history, in addition to the five standard colors. Plus, you can dress up the Golf R even more with the new Black Wheel package that adds exclusive 19-inch wheels

On the other hand, the R has a firmer suspension setup compared to its smaller brother (the GTI) and its standard adaptive dampers (Dynamic Chassis Control) add to its flexibility.

Interior and comfort

Technical data sheet of the Volkswagen Golf R (3)

For a car with its performance potential, the Golf R is surprisingly comfortable. The seats are superb, offering just enough lateral bolstering to keep the average person in place during turns.

Driver-focused controls are close, clearly labeled, and easy to use; the climate ones are analog. Additionally, the large touchscreen controls feature better graphics and response times than those offered by other cars.

The new infotainment system improves on its predecessor, including faster response times and a larger screen. The Golf R-specific 12.3-inch digital instrument panel makes the interior more special.

High-definition graphics complement an easy-to-operate user interface. The audio quality is solid and has good power and clarity. The Audi-like digital gauge cluster is sharp and attractive, but you can’t customize the display readouts.

Thanks to the wide dimensions of the doors and the height of the driver’s seat, this vehicle is as easy to enter as it is to exit. However, the front seats are not as easy to slide due to the aggressive seat bolsters, although access to the rear seat is adequate.

The latter offers ample legroom, but only if the front passengers do not slide too far back. Up front, the eight-way power driver’s seat plus extended tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel action allow Very tall drivers to feel comfortable.

There’s also superior visibility thanks to great sight lines all around and a high seating position; The short overhangs also help you know where the car’s bumpers are (useful when parking).

The center console storage, in the form of a cup holder or the compartment under the climate control, can be hidden and hold various things. Interestingly, the front center armrest does not open, but the size of the door pockets is decent for front and rear passengers.


In this car, there is only one trim level and standard features include: 18-inch wheels with high-performance tires (as seen in the 2019 Volkswagen Golf R spec sheet), adaptive suspension, adaptive LED headlights, heated mirrors, rear spoiler, keyless entry, push-button start, dual-zone automatic climate control.

In addition, it has leather upholstery, an electrically adjustable driver’s seat (which, like the passenger’s, is heated).

On the tech front, the R comes with VW Car-Net communications, Bluetooth, a navigation system, a digital gauge cluster, an 8-inch touchscreen, a rearview camera, and an eight-speaker Fender audio system with a DVD player. CD and satellite.

Additionally, this car supports multiple physical media inputs for listening to audio files, such as: a CD player and an SD card reader located in the glove box, while an auxiliary input plus a USB port are located under the center console; two additional USB ports, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Driving and performance

The Golf R offers notable performance for a variety of drivers, starting with the all-wheel drive system makes power easy to harness and adds stability in wet weather. However, a slightly high curb weight and the lack of a proper mechanical differential are the only weak points.

Also without the use of launch control, the R’s acceleration can be a little slow from a standstill. But when used, it rockets the little Golf to 100 km/h in an impressively quick 4.6 seconds (as you may have noticed in the Volkswagen Golf R spec sheet).

The braking system is effective, thanks in part to its tires, but itself feels strong and is capable of getting harsh with the R’s additional weight. On the other hand, the pedal is easy to modulate for typical driving and fortunately lacks of the long-haul smoothness typically found in some VWs.

While there definitely isn’t much feel, the weight and quickness of the steering are adequate for a hot hatch. The latter’s effort is totally fine in Normal mode, while Career mode tends to be heavy.

The Golf R is safe and stable, plus it has an intelligent four-wheel drive system (4Motion) to help you power through corners. Stability control can be disabled entirely, revealing an inherent tendency to understeer, but this Volkswagen is a great 80 percent spirited driving car.

Likewise, impacts around town are well cushioned and rarely harsh, but things get a little harsher in Career mode. Despite this, the adaptive dampers can handle 95 percent of the roads.

External noise is minimal, especially compared to other high-powered sport compacts, plus the tubed engine note has an appealing growl, and it gets better when the car is put into Race mode. Fortunately, you can also select the loudest engine individually through the custom drive mode settings.

Reliability and security

Both advanced safety and driver aids include front and rear parking sensors, forward collision warning and mitigation, pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, a lane departure warning system, headlights automatic highs, and adaptive cruise control.

Additionally, in this car, there are two ISOFIX anchors in each of the outer rear seats, which are hidden under removable and easily accessible plastic covers. However, attaching one of the backrest straps requires removing the cargo cover, and the narrow rear seat can make installing a rear-facing car seat difficult.

Notably, the R is the only Golf (or Volkswagen for that matter) where the electronic stability control can be disabled entirely.


As you may have noticed from the 2019 Volkswagen Golf R spec sheet and description, this is the best choice for any pragmatic performance enthusiast who wants exceptional performance, impressive utility, and a generous feature set.

With its brilliant combination of power and agility, two excellent transmissions, communicative brake pedal, and other interesting features, it is arguably the best compact hatchback in terms of practicality. And just like that, you could use this car every day without guilt or commitment.

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