Stanley launches its new line of multimeters and meters for electricity

Innovation is key in the market for products for electrical work. Something that Stanley knows very well, who has renewed its multimeter offering with current and high-quality products, in different product lines dedicated to electrical measurement.

When it comes to working with electricity, in our vehicle or in any other environment, having precise and high-quality tools is always a great help. And it is when looking for the best multimeter ( In this link you can find some purchase options ) it  is about, the products that come from well-known brands are a guarantee. This is what happens with the products launched by Stanley, a manufacturer known in the market for having a wide catalog of tools of all kinds as well as accessories for DIY and tool storage, among many other segments.

Within its extensive catalog, the part dedicated to multimeters and electric meters has recently been renewed. Specifically, the brand has launched a traditional multimeter, a clamp meter (a kind of improved multimeter), as well as a voltage tester. Three elements that we can use on our vehicle in different uses, being also suitable for domestic use and on all types of electrical circuits. Let’s know a little more about these products.

Common features

The models that we are going to evaluate next have several aspects in common. One of them is their quality, which complies with safety category III. This translates into less exposure of the user to electricity during measurements. They also have easy-to-use designs, efficient in their approach and with the quality of materials to which the brand is accustomed. And if that were not enough, we are talking about high-level products, so they are suitable for both professional, private or domestic use.

Stanley Fatmax multimeter

The Stanley Fatmax multimeter is a product of traditional design and with all the necessary characteristics to be the best multimeter of the moment. We are talking about a product with the capacity to carry out all kinds of measurements, such as voltage, amperage or electrical wave frequency, to name a few of them. These measurements are selected using the large central knob, which makes the process of choosing the corresponding measurement easier.

The product offers elements that generate greater comfort, such as a backlit screen with large digits, in which it is easy to see everything more clearly. It also includes a hold key, so we will have no problem fixing the measurement on the screen and writing it down comfortably. And for greater resistance, the entire product has a rubber exterior, which better withstands blows and has a more efficient grip. As much as that of the different measuring rods, which have a good size cable and a nice design. 

If you want to get this product, it is already available on the market, in a somewhat improved version compared to the one initially launched by the brand, with a price of around 90 euros approximately.

Stanley Fatmax Smart Multimeter

The second member of the Fatmax product line, when it comes to electrical measurements, is your new smart multimeter. The main novelty of this model is a current clamp, with which it is possible to measure currents of up to 600 amperes but without having to come into contact with the electrical parts. Something that adds extra security to these jobs and makes measurements easier.

For the rest, the product maintains a large part of the functions that we mentioned in the previous model, so that taking any parameter related to current is very simple. This design places the selector at the top, with the same variety and ease of use as the previous model. A convenience that does not require selecting the measurement values, but rather the multimeter will automatically adjust its behavior depending on the measured values.

This multimeter also maintains other elements of interest, such as the illumination of the screen, which also now gains a second line with which to see everything more clearly. This makes it easy to see the measurement figures, which can be retained with the push of a button. A set of advantages that give extra security and comfort when taking any measurement.

Regarding its price and availability, the model is already on sale, including the meter and the two corresponding cables. Its current price is around 80 euros approximately, being slightly cheaper than the multimeter that we have mentioned before.

Stanley Fatmax tension tester

We close our review of this new range from Stanley with its tension tester. A simplified solution designed for when we only want to check the presence of voltage in an electrical circuit and we do not want to complicate ourselves with more complex products. This model allows us to detect said voltage at the moment, having the capacity to measure voltages of up to 400 volts. These voltages are displayed by a string of lights, which is also scaled for 12 volts, so it can be easily used to calculate voltages on the vehicle.

The operation of the product is simple, consisting of two measuring rods, as usual. The first one is a conventional rod, while in the second one is located both the activation button and the active tension indicator, which can be easily seen just by orienting the aforementioned rod. A simple but safe model, which includes a residual circuit breaker and also offers you an IP54 protection level, in line with what is expected from a device with these characteristics.

Regarding its price and availability, this voltage tester is also already on sale with a price of around 30 euros. Therefore, it is the cheapest option of the three that we have evaluated, although its simplicity justifies it, as is evident.


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