rubber for wipers, an ecological and economic alternative

You can save money, time, and at the same time stop contributing to the mountain of waste with perfectly functional items. Buying a rubber for windshield wipers you can leave this piece as new, without having to acquire the entire article and go to the mechanic.


When you go to buy something new, no matter what it is, you should keep this in mind: stores and corporations will try to oversell you to get more money. Have you noticed that you go to a place to buy something specific and leave the store with thousands of other things? It is more common than you might think, and sometimes this is due to the persuasiveness of salespeople, effective marketing strategies, or simply not knowing that a better and cheaper alternative is available.

This is the case with the windshield wipers. It doesn’t matter if you are the proud owner of one of the best windshield wipers of 2020 ( If you click here, you will find several products to choose from ), if you take your car to a mechanic to change the windshield wiper, he will want to change the whole part. But, isn’t it an unnecessary waste of money to replace parts like the arm or brushes if they are in perfect condition? Unless there has been an accident, most of the time the only thing that wears out is the wiper blade from the constant rubbing against the glass. So if you want to save money, that’s the only thing you should change.




Change only the wiper rubber

Replacing just the wiper rubber is one of the best decisions you can make, for a number of reasons.

First of all, it is obvious that you will spend much less money. Usually, the price of the windshield wipers is between 15 and 20 euros, however, the rubbers can cost you less than half that price, if you know how to look. The rest you can use to buy other accessories for your car or to buy a liquid that complements the cleaning of the windshield.

On the other hand, it is also an ecological alternative. The part that you change will end up being thrown away and so every time you replace it, so if you don’t, you won’t be causing a pile of unnecessary waste and you will be reusing your windshield wiper until it really doesn’t work anymore. However, keep in mind that it can last intact for many years.

Finally, if you decide not to change an excellent windshield wiper, you will be giving your car the best quality. Many older models have a sturdy and sturdy build, so switching to a new model, in addition to spending money, could end up with a less valuable part.


The rubbers on the market

These, like all existing items, vary in price depending on the brand that makes them and the car model for which they have been created. Many of them share their compatibility with multiple cars simultaneously, however, some vehicles have specific measures that make you require tires made exclusively for them.

Measure the brushes of your car and compare with the measurements of the rubbers that are for sale, before purchasing an alternative that you cannot use. Some are made to measure, however, it is possible to buy rubbers by the meter so that you have exactly what you need.

However, no matter which model you buy, pay attention to its quality and buy rubbers that have been manufactured under strict standards so that you can get a durable product.




How to install the new windshield wiper?

Don’t let them persuade you to buy a new wiper by telling you that changing the rubber is too difficult. Also, don’t let them ask you for money to do it for you. Changing the tires is a fairly simple process and by following the appropriate steps you will be able to do it in a short time and in the correct way.

 The first thing you should do is separate the wiper from the glass carefully. Do not do this process roughly to prevent the part from being damaged or broken. Also, do not separate it beyond the limit, as they could also detach from the windshield, causing damage to the car and yourself.

 At the junction of the rod with the arm, most of the time, there is a small tab that, when pressed, will allow you to separate both parts. Press and move carefully until you feel the rod slide off. Finally, you can separate them. Remember the position so that you can return the rod to its place.

 Inspect the rod and, using an object to help you press down, release the spring at one end while pulling with a little force on the other end so that the spring comes out completely.

 Use a pry tool and peel off the rubber at one end. When loosening, gently pull on the other end so the rubber glides on and off easily.

 Measure the original rubbers with which you will use for the change and, if the new one is longer, cut it until it is the same size as the old one. That way, you’ll be sure it can be used on your windshield wiper.

 If it is within your means to acquire rubbers the same as the ones you used, then do so if they have worked for you for a long time. You just need to check the model marked on the windshield wiper.

 Insert the new rubber through the rod. Make sure that the plastic pieces fit into the small channels in the rubber so that the rubber is secure and does not slip.

 Re-insert the spring in the corresponding place, carefully, and make sure that it also stays in its correct position. If you’re having difficulty, tap one end until it clicks.

 At the end of this process, you just have to fit the rod back into the arm, doing the first step but with the movements in reverse until the tab leaves the rod fixed.

After that, you just need to do the same with the second rod and repeat the process to have new rubbers there as well. Although separating the rod from the arm to make the change is not completely necessary, it will greatly facilitate the work.

This is all you need to have new rubbers and continue to use your wiper in perfect condition. You will reuse the parts, save money and extend the life of your car accessories.



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