Recommendations to travel comfortably and safely with extra cargo

The vacation season is the most anticipated by families who are used to traveling. However, when it comes to carrying cargo, there is no trunk roomy enough for a lot of things. Therefore, the use of roof racks and trailers is necessary to deal with the extra luggage.


During the summer holidays, many of us travel as a family, which leads to loading the car with a myriad of things, since regardless of the time that our trip lasts, be it one or two weeks, we usually carry extra luggage in order to guarantee comfort during rest days. For this reason, although the car has a large spacious trunk, it is always insufficient when it comes to transporting the large load of suitcases of all family members.

In this sense, we must resort to various accessories that are installed in our vehicle and that allow us to expand its load capacity. However, when it comes to carrying luggage, not everything goes; since we must respect the current regulations in this regard and follow some tips, to avoid any type of inconvenience when we are on the road.


Use the trunk in the first instance

When we decide to go on vacation and travel in our car, the first option to store suitcases and other packages is to use the trunk. Within this space, we can mainly place heavy objects at the bottom and lighter ones at the top. If the luggage does not fit in the trunk, we could use the interior compartment and occupy some seats.

In this sense, it is of the utmost importance that things are perfectly secured and placed safely, in order not to endanger passengers in the event of an unexpected braking; likewise, the load must not diminish the driver’s field of vision.


Roof racks, a practical and functional alternative

One of the cheapest and most practical options to carry luggage that does not fit in the trunk, is to use a car roof rack. These products must be approved according to the type of vehicle and are anchored to the roof or the external rear door of the trunk, thus improving the load capacity; so we can take a lot of things on our vacation trip. In the racks we can carry bicycles, skis, surfboards and everything we need to enjoy during those days.

But like everything else, we must respect the regulations in force and not exceed the recommended weight, since we could put the stability of the vehicle at risk. Likewise, although it is the best roof rack for a car , we must be careful when loading it with the packages and objects that we need to carry; since it is essential to make a correct and proper tie-down of all things, in order to prevent them from coming loose and falling during the journey.

In the same way, driving a car with a roof loaded with lumps requires great prudence on the part of the driver; since the vehicle loses aerodynamics, so we must be careful not to go at high speed and when cornering, maneuver with caution.


Some tips for towing a trailer

When it comes to large amounts of luggage, either because it is a large family or because we simply want to carry everything “as a precaution”, hitching a trailer to the vehicle is an option that many use. Therefore, above all it is essential that our car has a ball to hook the trailer, so it is the first thing we must do.

If we opt for a trailer with a light weight, we will not need special permits; However, if the sum of the weight of the trailer and that of our car reaches 4,250 kg, it is necessary to apply for the B permit together with the B-96 authorization. In addition, we must not forget that when driving with a trailer, we must take precautions regarding the speed limit, as well as when parking.


Learn how to tow some recreational vehicles

Some people also have a boat, where they enjoy their vacations at sea; However, when transporting the boat on a trailer, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions and weight of the load; as well as the regulatory permits determined by law.

In any case, if the boat is in the water, in order to facilitate the process of getting onto the trailer, it is best to park the vehicle on the shore, taking into account that the rear wheels of the trailer are submerged; This in order to facilitate the hitch with the boat and in the case, if it has water inside, we must remove it before starting the trip. In addition, it is essential to properly secure the load to the trailer, to prevent it from moving along the way.

Likewise, motorcycles and quads also offer great fun for the whole family, so to carry them hooked to our car during the holidays, it is necessary to have a trailer suitable for this type of vehicle. First of all, we must make sure that the trailer is properly fixed and then, we proceed to raise the vehicle to the platform, verifying that it is centered and with the front wheel up to the stops. It is convenient to fasten the chassis, rear wheel or swingarm with straps, tensioning them and securing the load until it is immobile.


Learn how to properly transport some animals

In the case of having to transport animals from one place to another, there are carriers specially designed for pets; However, when it comes to larger animals such as horses, they must be moved in trailers equipped for this purpose. In this sense, it must be a cage-type trailer, sufficiently ventilated and with great stability, in order to avoid causing greater stress to the animal. In addition, since it is a large trailer, it is essential that it bears the V-20 marking.


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