Reasons to buy the new Xiaomi Mini3Pro camera

Driving while a camera records has become common in recent years, because for some, carrying a dashcam is a way to have a guarantee from insurance companies. The Xiaomi Mini3Pro stands out as a favorite in this group of equipment for its quality and price, which is why it is said that having it is a guaranteed investment.


Among the wide variety of car camera models that can be found in the market and that qualify as the best, highlights the Mini3Pro, from the renowned Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. 

This time, the prestigious brand that already enjoys a well – deserved place among the preferences of users for innovation and quality projects in each of its technology products, presents its distinguished clientele which may be the best camera car of the season, built with resistant materials that give it durability and excellent performance. In addition, it has many other benefits that make everyone want to have it.


Resolution quality

The Xiaomi Mini3Pro car camera has the ability to record excellent moving images, where it is possible to observe the entire scene in a wider context, thanks to its wide angle of 140 ° and focal aperture of 1.8, which offers a better view and allows focus the smallest details that could go unnoticed with other cameras of lower quality and less suitable for this type of recordings. This is possible thanks to its 5 Mp sensor, which favors obtaining a resolution of around 1600 p with 30 frames per second.


Night vision

Another advantage that makes this equipment an ideal complement to carry during short or long trips on the road is that it is equally useful both during the day and at night, since the car camera incorporates a device with an infrared filter that allows recordings and visualize the entire environment, without deteriorating the quality of the images, even when lighting is poor. 

Likewise, users of the Xiaomi Mini3Pro dashcam will be able to enjoy the improved Wide Dynamic Range technology, an advanced system that allows to perfect the quality of lighting in any scenario.


Performance and storage

This car camera has the ability to offer optimized performance for longer, since it incorporates a 1600 mAh battery, which offers a duration of up to more than 8 hours of continuous use and is recharged safely and easily, just by connecting it to a power source via its USB port. On the other hand, its storage capacity is more than enough for the type of material and content that it usually records, since it offers 32 GB of memory, although it is also possible to acquire it with a higher storage capacity, since there is the option to choose the 64 GB for a few euros more.


Connectivity and sound

The dashcam is an innovative device that not only allows you to obtain recordings during all trips, but also, like most smart devices today, is capable of establishing reliable connections via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, to share your content instantly and without interruptions, with smart mobile phones compatible with the same system. Similarly, the Xiaomi Mini3Pro car camera incorporates a microphone, which helps recordings be played with their original audio. In addition, it is also possible to control camera functions by voice commands.



Xiaomi continues to surprise users and stands as a highly competitive brand that prevails over other traditional manufacturers, by offering equipment equipped with the most advanced technology and excellent quality at affordable prices for the majority but, in addition, it strives to incorporate exclusive, practical and innovative designs. 

In this case, the car camera is made in a small, discreet and attractive frame, with elegant aluminum finishes. Its external appearance is also added to its rotating system, which offers the possibility of recording not only what is in front of it on the road, but also everything that happens inside the vehicle, since it has the ability to rotate its lens, to cover a space of around 360 °, a feature that makes it even more functional.


Special features

Among the most notable features of the Xiaomi Mini3Pro car camera is its Huawei Hisilicon 3556 processor, a device that makes it work faster and more efficiently and provides the advantage of being able to obtain better results with optimal performance in any scenario and for longer. weather. 

In addition, among its most notorious functions is its collision detection system, which allows you to be alert to the proximity of other cars or objects. In addition to this, it highlights the possibility of connecting the camera to an appropriate screen for this type of dashcam, compatible with the brand and model, in order to visualize all the images that the camera is capturing without delays and in time. real. 

Likewise, the content of the camera can be appreciated through the screen of an iOS or Android Smartphone, with the use of the application that the Asian manufacturer has designed for this purpose. 



So far some of the main attributes that distinguish the Xiaomi Mini3Pro car camera have been presented as one of the best alternatives for those looking for a useful dashcam with a proven warranty. 

However, to finish with the description of the reasons that this camera is worth knowing, one of the details that can attract the most attention cannot be overlooked and, therefore, could end up convincing the undecided. It is about its price, since this camera is offered for a value of around 60 euros for the Mini3Pro of 32 GB and 80 euros for the 64 GB, a cost that, when compared with other dashcams with similar characteristics, is considered quite reasonable for the type of camera it represents and its functionality.



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