past in the present: Bremen SQR 46

Now you can stop nostalgic dreaming of having that car radio that accompanied you everywhere in the 80s again, as the Blaupunkt company has decided to launch its legendary Bremen SQR 46 radio, but with a functioning adapted to current technology.

Everyone says that things get better with time and that today everything is more advanced, however, you have to admit that there are certain things of yesteryear that are still great.

Despite all the current developments, many restaurants prefer to decorate their entire establishment in the best style of the 1950s, for example. Others use fashion from the 80s and you constantly sing the most famous songs of that decade; while the hippie movement of the 60s and 70s is still emblematic in certain expressions of art around the world. No matter how much society evolves, there are always things that last over time and many people enjoy these old samples but they are still a trend.

This happens at the macro level, but also in the little things. For example, although many are adapting to the new technologies of car radios, others retain a nostalgia for the stylish radios of old, where they played cassettes to listen to their favorite music.

There will always be that person who will prefer the retro style and, with total sincerity, no one could blame him, because really these designs continue to be phenomenal. If you relate to this, then you will be happy to know that thanks to the Blaupunkt company, you could once again use one of these legendary radios, without having to say goodbye to the modern qualities that you currently enjoy.

Blaupunkt, a company through time

Founded in 1923, this Hildesheim, Germany-based company is world famous for creating electronic gadgets. In its portfolio of creations there are various products, however the most prominent are audio equipment for homes and cars.

Today, this company has more than 8000 employees around the world who are committed every day to offering the best quality in everything they manufacture. Among its current products, one can find an artifact that is considered the best car radio of the moment by those who knew the Blaupunkt radios of the 20th century; It is the Bremen SQR 46 model, a radio that seeks to rescue the style that once characterized Blaupunkt without leaving behind the current technology of these devices.

Bremen SQR 46

When you first see this car radio, you will surely think that you stepped into a time machine and went back to the past. In the 80s, many cars worldwide had the first version of this device, which was released in 1986, and now there will surely be quite a few cars that will enjoy this incredible machine again.

You will notice that at first glance everything remains the same. That is, there are no changes from the previous model. This car radio is completely black except for the letters, the edges of certain buttons and the text on the device screen, as these details are red and have excellent contrast with the background.

When you start to manipulate the artifact, you will pay attention to the slight differences that exist in the model, but these distinctions have a purpose: to preserve the technological advance in a product that is stuck on a stylistic level in a different century.

A cassette slot with the best technology

You may want to put a cassette in the slot to see if it really works, but when you open it, you will realize that it is not the same as before. To adapt to the new times, this product has 3 different ways of playing in this small space: A slot for SD cards, a USB input and another for auxiliary cables. In this way, if you have a mobile phone or other electronic device that you want to use with the radio, you can do it.

In addition to that, this radio allows connection through Bluetooth, so that you do not complicate using different cables. After connecting 1 of the 5 phones that you can pair with this new radio, you can answer and hang up calls with the press of a button. The Bremen SQR 46 radio has a cost of 449.99 euros which, although many consider it excessive, others believe that it is a reasonable price for a device with the quality of Blaupunkt.

Without forgetting its roots

Apart from the aforementioned modern functions, this Bremen radio has not forgotten its original purpose: playing music and tuning in to different stations.

The front panel will give you the opportunity to save the stations of your choice, regardless of whether they are AM or FM frequency. It will also be possible to enter the settings menu, control the volume and easily switch from one station to another until you find the one you want to listen to.

To give you the best sound quality, this product has 4 x 50W amplifiers with a 3-band semi-parametric equalizer. This way you will be sure that you can really enjoy your favorite songs with a good resonance, taking into account both treble and bass, which can be adjusted from the center panel. The radio has 3 sound profiles for playback, which will adapt the audio output to the genre of the song; this way, the radio will highlight the important details for that specific tune, be it pop, rock, or classical.

The dimensions are 22.6 x 22.5 x 9.7 cm to adapt to any car model, while its weight of 1.37 kilograms facilitates the installation of the device. This purchase will come with absolutely everything you need to do the assembly, including an instruction manual explained step by step that will make the installation process easier.

By mounting this small radio to your car you will feel like the most popular of the 80s and nostalgia will surely make you shed a few tears. Style will accompany you all the way, as will good music.


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