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P2610 OBD-II Error Code

The storage of DTC code P2610 OBD2 indicates that there is a problem in the Engine Control Module (ECM) or in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to determine whether or not the engine has been shut down, as well as how long it has been shut down.

The vehicle’s computer uses input signals from the engine to determine whether or not the engine is running. To do this, it takes into account the information provided by the crankshaft position sensor (CKP), the fuel rail pressure sensor (FRP) and the voltage of the primary ignition system.

In the event that the ECM/PCM does not find a signal from these or other indicators, you may not be alerted that the engine has shut down.

The internal engine shutdown timer is used to monitor ignition cycles that are necessary for the fuel delivery calculation and injection timing. Additionally, the timer monitors transmission shift patterns.

Definition of Error Code P2610

ECM/PCM Internal engine shutdown timer

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What does the P2610 code mean?

P2610 is an OBD-II generic code for the Engine Control Module (ECM) that detects that the internal engine shutdown timer of the ECM or PCM is not working as it should.

What causes code P2610?

  • The ECM monitors the internal ECM or PCM timer for when the engine is off and sets the code if the problem occurs two key cycles in a row.
  • The ECM/PCM cannot detect the engine shutdown time when programming a new driving cycle.

What are the symptoms of code P2610?

  • The light of the Check Engine will turn on and the code is set in the memory of the ECM/PCM like a failure.
  • The vehicle will not perform any differently in most cases.
  • He ECM/PCM The engine will not clear the internal emissions monitors as it cannot complete a driving cycle.
  • The vehicle will not pass the emissions test due to driving cycles and cannot clear the monitors.

How can a mechanic diagnose the P2610 code?

  • Attempt to scan the codes and document the codes in the device’s memory. ECM/PCM and look at the freeze frame data for the problem before clearing the codes and testing again.
  • Check for the manufacturer’s repair bulletins for the code to see if reprogramming is needed.
  • Clear the code and see if the fault occurs after two key cycles.
  • Tests if the key power to the ECM/PCM turns on and off with the key cycling.

Common errors when diagnosing the P2610 code

  • Clear the codes from the ECM memory before checking the freeze frame data for the main fault problem, so that the fault can be duplicated and repaired.
  • Do not clear the ECM codes after repairing the codes.
  • Do not verify the fault before replacing the ECM/PCM.
  • Failure to check the manufacturing bulletins before replacing the ECM/PCM.

How serious is the P2610 code?

He code P2610 This is an indication that the ECM/PCM is unable to detect how long the engine has been off and this is necessary to complete a drive cycle for the internal test monitors. This can cause the monitors to not complete and this will fail the vehicle’s emissions.

What repairs can fix the P2610 code?

  • Replace ECM/PCM
  • Reprogram the ECM/PCM
  • Repair the ECM/PCM wiring for a short circuit between the key and the battery.

Additional comments about code P2610

He code P2610 indicates that the ECM/PCM has not completed a drive cycle. This is most commonly due to the internal timer when the ECM/PCM fails and can no longer detect engine shutdown time.

Possible solutions for DTC code P2610 Generic

When the code P2610 OBD2 problem is set, you must do the following to correct it:

  • Check the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) available for your vehicle.
  • Before you start diagnosing the P2610 code, check to see if there are any codes related to the crankshaft position sensor. If so, diagnose those codes first.
  • With a digital meter volt-ohms, Check the ignition coil voltage with the ignition in the off position. You should see 0 volts. If not, there is a voltage short circuit.
  • With the meter, test all individual circuits for related components used by the ECM/PCM to indicate when the engine stops. Compare the results with the manufacturer’s specifications, and if there are considerable differences, make the necessary repairs.


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