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P2302 OBD Error Code

He fault code P2302 can be explained as Ignition Coil Secondary Circuit “TO”. This fault code is generic, meaning it can apply to all vehicles that are equipped with the OBD-II or vehicles made from 1996 to the present.

P2302 is a general OBD2 diagnostic code that indicates a coil secondary circuit failure A. This code can be seen with misfire codes as well as other ignition system codes.

Learn more about OBD error code P2302

It is the engine control module that examines the voltage of ignition coil ‘A’. This error code would be set by the ECM when the ignition coil ‘A’ voltage was not in accordance with the parameters set by the manufacturer.

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What causes this problem with the ignition coil “A” secondary circuit?

  • Perfection of ignition coil ‘A’
  • Ignition Coil ‘A’ harness issue without screwing
  • Unacceptable electrical connection in ignition coil ‘A’ circuit
  • Defective relay or blown fuse (fusible link)
  • PCM failure
  • Camshaft or crankshaft sensor failures
  • Some wiring related problems

Replace/repair these parts to fix code P2302

  • Oxygen sensor – The O2 sensor may also be defective, leading to lean or rich engine conditions and therefore affecting engine performance and improper fuel consumption. Buy a new sensor and replace the faulty one now.
  • engine control module – The solenoid may cause a short circuit in the engine control module due to corrosion in the solenoid or the wire from the solenoid to the ECM harness.
  • Electronic Control Unit – The ECU’s energy management control module keeps the hybrid battery charging functions in check. If the ECU is faulty, the battery pack will not be able to charge properly and therefore the ECU may need to be replaced.
  • Fuel injector – If there is a leak in the fuel injectors, then it could cause increased fuel consumption, fuel odors around the vehicle, and difficulty starting.
  • Ignition coil – One of the main signs of a faulty ignition coil is poor fuel consumption. If you notice that your car is getting noticeably less mileage than it was before, then it could mean that there is a faulty ignition coil. Have it checked and replace it if necessary.
  • Powertrain control module – A problem with the PCM would mean that it is unable to determine the correct fuel mixture and would send more or less fuel to the car’s engine than it needs. Now, when the engine receives more, the carbon emission would increase and the fuel economy would drop. Otherwise, the engine will flood, stutter, and may start to stall at times.
  • Fuel tank pressure sensor – The fuel tank must maintain adequate pressure so that the fuel mixes well with oxygen, for proper combustion when it enters the engine for the combustion process. In addition, it ensures a constant supply of fuel to the engine for combustion. Therefore, replace the faulty sensor now!
  • Diagnostic tool – Typically, any OBD code problem requires deep insight into the problem and high-grade tools in order to fix it correctly.

Symptoms of OBD error code P2302

It is essential to know the symptoms of a problem, as only then would you be able to solve the problem. That is why we have listed some of the main symptoms of OBD code P2302 here:

Common symptoms:

  • The check engine light may begin to illuminate
  • Engine performance may be reduced
  • Decreased fuel mileage
  • There may be some other related codes

How to Fix P2302″An Ignition Coil Secondary Circuit

If you wish to fix this error code, then you have to follow certain steps. Correcting a problem needs your careful attention. Here are some ways, with the help of which you will be able to fix OBD Code P2302:

  • Carefully adjust camshaft or crankshaft sensor faults.
  • Restore PCM operation
  • Repair or replace faulty fuel injector
  • Rehabilitate ignition coil wiring faults
  • It is essential to restore the faulty ignition coil
  • Defective wiring must be repaired or replaced as necessary.
  • Proper servicing of non-functioning engine parts is necessary
  • Recondition non-functioning spark plug
  • Adjust the defective ignition coil connector

Vehicles that frequently display the OBD code P2302

P2302 Acura OBD Error Code P2302 Honda OBD Error Code P2302 Mitsubishi OBD Error Code
P2302 Audi OBD Error Code P2302 Hyundai OBD Error Code P2302 Nissan OBD Error Code
P2302 BMW OBD Error Code P2302 Infiniti OBD Error Code P2302 Porsche OBD Error Code
P2302 Buick OBD Error Code P2302 Jaguar OBD Error Code P2302 Saab OBD Error Code
P2302 Cadillac OBD Error Code P2302 Jeep OBD Error Code P2302 Scion OBD Error Code
P2302 Chevrolet OBD Error Code P2302 Kia OBD Error Code P2302 Subaru OBD Error Code
P2302 Chrysler OBD Error Code P2302 Lexus OBD Error Code P2302 Toyota OBD Error Code
P2302 Dodge OBD Error Code P2302 Lincoln OBD Error Code P2302 Vauxhall OBD Error Code
P2302 Ford OBD Error Code P2302 Mazda OBD Error Code P2302 Volkswagen OBD Error Code
P2302 GMC OBD Error Code P2302 Mercedes OBD Error Code P2302 Volvo OBD Error Code

Easy Diagnosis of Engine Error OBD Code P2302

If you want to easily diagnose this trouble code, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Use the vehicle information source to find applicable technical service bulletins (TSB). Locating a TSB that matches the make and model of the vehicle, the symptoms displayed, and the stored code will help you arrive at a diagnosis.
  • You may also need to obtain diagnostic flowcharts, wiring diagrams, connector face views, connector pinout diagrams, component locations, and procedures and specifications for vehicle information source component testing.
  • All this information will be necessary to correctly diagnose the stored code P2302.
  • After that test drive the vehicle to see if the P2302 code is reset. Drive until one of two things happens: Either the PCM goes into readiness mode or the code resets. If the code resets, continue the diagnosis.
  • If it does not reset, you are dealing with an intermittent condition that may have to worsen before an accurate diagnosis can be achieved. Now, if the code has been reset, then you should continue with the diagnosis.
  • One should obtain views of connector faces, connector pinout diagrams, component location diagrams, wiring diagrams, and diagnostic flowcharts using your vehicle information source.
  • A visual inspection of the associated cables and connectors should be performed. Be sure to repair or restore wiring that has been cut, burned, or defective.
  • The wiring on top of the engine is often faulty due to wildlife trying to stay warm in cold weather.
  • You must use the DVOM to inspect the voltage and ground circuits at the ignition coil. If no voltage has been detected, then you should check the system relay and associated fuses. Reset faulty relays or blown fuses as needed.
  • If voltage and ground have been detected on the coil, examine the corresponding ground circuit at the PCM connector with the engine running.
  • If a ground pulse is detected there, then there is an open circuit between the coil and the PCM. If no ground pulse is detected there, then there is some fault in the PCM or there may be a PCM programming error.

Common errors when diagnosing the P2302 code

  • If his fault code P2302 is being diagnosed by a mechanic, then he might replace the ignition coils and spark plugs and might not realize that it is the wiring and connectors that should have actually been restored.

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