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P2187 OBD Error Code

His fault code is P2187 It can be defined as system DTC being too lean at idle. This fault code would mean that the car’s onboard computer has a lean fuel mixture at idle in Bank 1 or Bank 2.


If there is a lean mixture, then it would mean that there is a large amount of air as well as a lack of fuel.

Learn more about OBD error code P2187

We learn more by searching for the answer to a question. That’s why we are here to provide you with the answers to all your questions. Here is more information about this error code:

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The engine control module, powertrain control module, or transmission control module monitors this circuit depending on the particular car. This error code indicates that there is something wrong with the car that is causing a lean fuel mixture.

What causes this “System Too Lean at Idle” DTC problem?

  • MAP sensor malfunction
  • Faulty EVAP canister purge valve
  • Fuel injector leak
  • There may be an inoperative fuel pressure regulator
  • There may be a leak in the car’s exhaust system.
  • Variable camshaft timing may be faulty
  • Some ECM related problems
  • Preheated O2 does not work
  • The fuel filter may be clogged
  • The fuel pump may be worn and producing less pressure
  • There may be a distorted mass air flow sensor

Replace/repair these parts to fix the P2187 code

  • Manifold absolute pressure sensor – A faulty manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor can alter fuel delivery as well as ignition timing. Some performance problems may also arise, such as poor fuel consumption, lack of engine power, and sometimes the car will not start.
  • engine control module – It is not always the components, but the ECM that can also be defective. It can cause misinterpretation of correct data, leading to erroneous operating decisions that will affect the transmission and overall engine performance. Therefore, replace the faulty module and reprogram it now!
  • Oxygen sensor – An oxygen sensor plays a vital role in the fuel delivery system and air-fuel ratio mixing functions. Without this sensor, proper fuel combustion cannot take place, thus causing performance problems. Also, the exhaust system will not be able to detect emissions correctly if this sensor becomes inactive, resulting in increased exhaust emissions. Therefore, replace the faulty oxygen sensor!
  • Powertrain control module – The powertrain control module can also be faulty in rare cases and therefore needs to be checked through system and software errors. Therefore, check and replace, if necessary.
  • Electronic Control Unit – The ECU manages the cooling system to control the operating temperatures of the battery and therefore must be replaced if found to be faulty.
  • Diagnostic tool – Make use of quality diagnostic tools to resolve any OBD error codes.

Symptoms of OBD error code P2187

Do you want to know some common symptoms of OBD error code P2187? Your wish is our demand. Check them out below:

Common symptoms:

  • Check engine light visibility
  • The car may have a fault at idle
  • Problems starting the vehicle, especially when it is hot
  • Very poor idle
  • There may be some additional codes to determine the cause of the original code, P2187
  • hissing sounds
  • Turbo Boost Numbers May Be Low
  • The smell of fuel may begin to arrive

How to Fix DTC P2187 System Too Lean at Idle (Bank 1)

If you want to fix this fault code, then you have to follow certain steps. Correcting a problem needs your careful attention. Here are some ways with the help of which you will be able to fix OBD Code P2187:

  • Recondition non-functioning gas or oil filler caps
  • Be sure to repair the faulty fuel filter
  • It is essential to repair leaks in hoses such as EVAP system hoses or vacuum hoses
  • Repair or replace unusual leaks in the exhaust system
  • Reset fuel pump faults
  • Malfunctioning PCM must be repaired or replaced as needed
  • Carefully adjust faults in the fuel pressure regulator
  • Non-functioning O2, MAP or Mass Air Sensors Need to be Properly Serviced

Vehicles that frequently display the OBD code P2187

P2187 Acura OBD Error Code P2187 Honda OBD Error Code P2187 Mitsubishi OBD Error Code
P2187 Audi OBD Error Code P2187 Hyundai OBD Error Code P2187 Nissan OBD Error Code
P2187 BMW OBD Error Code P2187 Infiniti OBD Error Code P2187 Porsche OBD Error Code
P2187 Buick OBD Error Code P2187 Jaguar OBD Error Code P2187 Saab OBD Error Code
P2187 Cadillac OBD Error Code P2187 Jeep OBD Error Code P2187 Scion OBD Error Code
P2187 Chevrolet OBD Error Code P2187 Kia OBD Error Code P2187 Subaru OBD Error Code
P2187 Chrysler OBD Error Code P2187 Lexus OBD Error Code P2187 Toyota OBD Error Code
P2187 Dodge OBD Error Code P2187 Lincoln OBD Error Code P2187 Vauxhall OBD Error Code
P2187 Ford OBD Error Code P2187 Mazda OBD Error Code P2187 Volkswagen OBD Error Code
P2187 GMC OBD Error Code P2187 Mercedes OBD Error Code P2187 Volvo OBD Error Code

Easy Diagnosis of Engine Error OBD Code P2187

If you like easily diagnose this fault code then all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

A technician begins by connecting the vehicle to a scanner OBD-II to verify that the code is present, and check other codes. The freeze frame data is recorded along with the current data, and then the codes are cleared to see if they appear again.

A visual inspection of the wiring and connectors is carried out to check for loose connections, corrosion, or short circuits. The vehicle must be taken for a test drive.

Now, once the code is detected, the mechanic can always take a look at the repair manuals to be able to narrow down the possible cause of the lean fuel mixture indicated by the code P2187. This should be done by hands-on inspection of the fuel system and associated components.

Lean fuel mixture is the result of air filtration addition in the intake manifold or low fuel pressure, the mechanic will systematically check for possible causes of these two problems until the technician locates a leak, blockage, or defective component that needs to be repaired or restored.

So after the code is cleared by the mechanic re-running a diagnostic scan and test driving the car to make sure the issue has been resolved satisfactorily.

Common errors when diagnosing the P2187 code

  • Sometimes mechanics may neglect to clear the error code once repairs have been made.
  • Another mistake may be to neglect the existence of the error code P2187.

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