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P2020 OBD Error Code

Is your car not running as usual and you just discovered that a problem has been established? OBD error code? We are here to take away all the anxiety, help you understand the code P2020, and also give you ways to solve it.


This code is a generic code relating to fuel and air metering and auxiliary emissions control systems. It is established by the Engine Control Module when it cannot detect the correct variation of manifold air pressure in your vehicle.

Learn more about OBD error code P2020

Your vehicle’s ECM is capable of determining the correct position of the intake manifold channels by using various sensor readings. This helps you create air turbulence in the intake manifold.

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Your vehicle’s Intake Manifold Channel Control (IMRC) is used to change or control the flow of air in the vehicle’s engine air intake system. When this code is established by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) It is a sign that a problem has been observed with the IMRC circuit in engine bank 2.

This would also mean that the intake manifold flaps are not in their correct position, or there is a presence of voltage or resistance coming from the solenoid that is not within the manufacturer’s prescribed bracket.

What causes this problem with the bank 2 circuit switch/intake manifold position sensor?

  • Defective IMRC solenoid
  • Carbon deposits present on the intake channel fins
  • Defective throttle plates
  • Defect in IMRC valves, actuators or sensors in bank 2
  • ECM failure

Replace/repair these parts to fix the P2020 code

  • Engine Control Module – This is the processing unit of your vehicle. Any problem with it can damage the entire engine, make sure all problems are repaired or replaced.
  • Intake manifold – Performs the job of evenly distributing the combustion mixture. Make sure it works well to remove the P2020 code.
  • Air pressure – Used to measure tire pressure. A faulty pressure gauge can create confusion. Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Intake Manifold Corridor Control – This is the electronic system that gives information to the PCM regarding the position of the plate and the lifter. You have the P2020 code set due to a faulty IMRC, find the replacement.
  • Emission control system – It is present to limit the discharge of harmful gases from the internal combustion engine and other parts of the vehicle. Repair any damage or replace it.
  • air intake system – Performs the important task of letting air into the car engine. Make sure it’s working properly by repairing any problems you’ve noticed and, if necessary, go for a replacement.
  • Intake Manifold Actuator – It is responsible for informing the PCM about the position of the plate and the elevator. Fix the P2020 code by repairing or replacing the actuator.
  • IMRC Solenoid – If you have found any problem with the IMRC solenoid, simply repair or opt for replacement.
  • IMRC valve – If the valve is damaged it can not only cause the P2020 code but also damage other connected components. Try repairing and see if that helps.
  • throttle plate – It is a butterfly valve that regulates the airflow. Make sure it is in good working condition.

Symptoms of OBD error code P2020

It is essential to know the symptoms of a problem as only then you would be able to solve the problem. That is why we have listed some of the main symptoms of OBD Code P2020 here:

Common symptoms:

  • engine light is on
  • Presence of vibrations in the engine
  • RPM with fluctuations at idle
  • Hesitation when accelerating
  • Low fuel consumption capacity

How to Correct P2020 Intake Manifold Spool Position Sensor/Switch Circuit Range/Result Bank 2

Here are some ways with the help of which you will be able to fix the P2020 OBD code:

  • You can try to repair damaged electrical components such as cables, connectors, etc. or replace them
  • Attempt to repair damaged throttle plates and valves or replace them.
  • Try to repair and see if the problem is resolved or go for IMRC solenoid replacement
  • Repair or replace the ECM, but remember that reprogramming may be necessary for this

Vehicles that frequently display the OBD code P2020

P2020 Acura OBD Error Code P2020 Honda OBD Error Code P2020 Mitsubishi OBD Error Code
P2020 Audi OBD Error Code P2020 Hyundai OBD Error Code P2020 Nissan OBD Error Code
P2020 BMW OBD Error Code P2020 Infiniti OBD Error Code P2020 Porsche OBD Error Code
P2020 Buick OBD Error Code P2020 Jaguar OBD Error Code P2020 Saab OBD Error Code
P2020 Cadillac OBD Error Code P2020 Jeep OBD Error Code P2020 Scion OBD Error Code
P2020 Chevrolet OBD Error Code P2020 Kia OBD Error Code P2020 Subaru OBD Error Code
P2020 Chrysler OBD Error Code P2020 Lexus OBD Error Code P2020 Toyota OBD Error Code
P2020 Dodge OBD Error Code P2020 Lincoln OBD Error Code P2020 Vauxhall OBD Error Code
P2020 Ford OBD Error Code P2020 Mazda OBD Error Code P2020 Volkswagen OBD Error Code
P2020 GMC OBD Error Code P2020 Mercedes OBD Error Code P2020 Volvo OBD Error Code

Easy Diagnosis of Engine Error OBD Code P2020

Below are some steps you need to follow to diagnose the P2020 fault code:

Connect your scanner to your vehicle’s diagnostic port and retrieve all stored codes. Solve those stored before P2020 and see if the code returns. Make sure all codes and frame freeze and are recorded for future reference if in case there is an intermittent condition.

Once the codes are sorted you can begin the inspection of all cables and connectors for any damage. They will need to be repaired or replaced accordingly.

Now you can proceed to the inspection of all hoses and vacuum lines For the presence of damage or leaks, you will have to fix them according to the degree of damage. Sometimes replacement is the best step to prevent other connected components from being damaged.

Now you can perform a check of the IMRC valves and see if they move correctly, also remove the IMRC and see if there is any damage present. You should also try the movement of the plates/valves to see if there is any looseness or binding that may be present.

It is important to clear the codes and take a test drive to see if the repairs or replacements have fixed the problem or not. Consequently, you can proceed to check the rest of the parts for any faults that may be present.

Common errors when diagnosing the P2020 code

  • Replace non-failing parts such as the runner flap when the problem is with the solenoid.
  • Not following diagnostic steps in order
  • Failure to diagnose codes prior to code P2020

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