Opinions about Total Quartz Ineo ECS Review 2021- Step by Step buying Guide

Main Advantage:

The oil incorporates the new Ineo additive, with which the vehicle reduces fuel consumption by around 6% at start-up and 3% under mixed running conditions, according to tests carried out by the manufacturer.


Main disadvantage:

Despite having good durability, the oil does not have the necessary characteristics to receive the Long Life designation, so changes must be made in accordance with the provisions of the vehicle manufacturer for conventional synthetic oils.

Main Features Explained


Improved resistance

In order to give you greater durability during the break-in of the vehicle, this oil incorporates the ART technology, typical of the brand. This particular name corresponds to the acronym for Age Resistance Technology, the technology with which to increase the resistance of the oil and give greater durability to the protection layer that is generated in the engine.

This translates into improved protection, which today’s modern engines especially benefit from. These engines have very high compression levels when operating, which means that lower quality oils can end up converted into water and not adequately cover all areas of the engine, presenting gaps and other protection defects when creating a homogeneous film on the engine parts. Something that not all 5W30 oils are capable of achieving.

This problem disappears with ART technology, since the greater interaction between the molecules of the synthetic compounds with which the oil is formulated generates high resistance. So the oil maintains protection at high engine speeds and even in extreme hot or cold conditions, helping cold starts and maintaining engine temperature and good health at high operating temperatures.

Fuel savings

Another advantage of Total Quartz Ineo ECS oil has to do with its theoretical ability to save fuel when driving. Specifically, the manufacturer indicates that the Ineo technology that integrates this oil is capable of saving fuel in all phases of vehicle driving.

This saving starts from the moment we put the key in and activate the ignition, reducing fuel consumption in this phase by around 6%. Something that is directly related to the good fluidity of cold oil and its ability to reach every corner of the engine. An aspect that also contributes to reducing wear in these circumstances.

With respect to conventional circulation, the reduction in consumption is estimated to be around 3% in circumstances of mixed circulation. This is the circulation in which both motorway and highway use and urban roads are mixed. Anyway, as usual, these savings are theoretical and in specific conditions, although there are some opinions that suggest that the engine has a better behavior and a lower consumption with this oil.


Pollution and environment

To close this analysis on this product, worthy candidate to be the best 5W30 oil on the current market, it is time to take a look at what the brand has prepared in relation to pollution and environmental protection. Two key issues today both to overcome the demands of the authorities and to really take care of our environment.

On the one hand, this oil includes ECS or Emission Control System technology, which is responsible for reducing polluting emissions while the vehicle is in motion. A technology that also achieves a better cleanliness of the engine in all its elements, so that its operation generates less carbon and other elements that are harmful to the environment.

This improvement is in line with the approach that the manufacturer makes when matching the performance of the oil with the operation of modern particle filters. In this case, the oil is responsible for optimizing the performance of this key part for modern engines, thus increasing its ability to reduce the presence of pollutants in the fumes generated during running-in and also extending the useful life of this vital part for engines. automobiles.




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