Opinions about Tomtom GO 620

Main Advantage:

It is a practical device because it can be linked to the mobile via Bluetooth. In this way, the user will receive notifications on the browser screen and can even answer calls with it, with the security of hands-free. 


Main disadvantage:

Although its technology is high-end, this model can be a bit slow in some of the functions, especially in the first interaction with the user through voice command.


Main Features Explained


Accessibility and compatibility

Car GPS are devices that, in a small structure, integrate a series of functions ranging from basic to advanced. However, it will be useless if it includes multiple functions, if the user does not know how to get to them. In this sense, the TomTom GO 620 model is a functional and easy-to-use GPS, as it has an intuitive interface and its functions can be accessed by various means to enjoy route guidance. 

On the one hand, the model is fast and smart. Its manufacturer has equipped it with a voice control function, which allows you to execute commands by just speaking and saying the opening words “hello TomTom”. In addition, with this device you can access the functions only by pressing the alternatives on the touch screen, which facilitates accessibility.

On the other hand, the GO 620 model can link with the mobile device and connect with personal assistants such as Siri and Google Now. This allows the user to have access to hands-free voice control in receiving calls and other notifications from smartphones. In this way, the driver will be able to be in contact with his relatives, without losing his attention to the road.


Design and connectivity

According to user opinions, the TomTom Go 620 GPS model works well because it can be used easily and safely held in the hands or, failing that, placed on a stand to be carried strategically in the car while driving. This is possible because the device has a compact and lightweight design that does not exceed 400 grams.

In addition, it has a six-inch wide color screen, with touch properties, with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and has a gray and black frame, so it is elegant in style. In the same way, this model has been equipped by its manufacturer with a magnetic holder that can be installed in the car, as well as with a charger for the vehicle. These accessories give the driver the opportunity to have a safe use, since they will not have to divert their attention from the road for a long time, nor let go of the handlebars, because the support facilitates its maneuverability, as well as continuous use, because it can keep charged. 

On the other hand, it is fast and has built-in WiFi with which you can connect to wireless networks to obtain frequent updates of both the software and the maps, without having to use the computer.


Maps and functions

Often considered by buyers as the best car GPS on the market for its price and high-end features, this model from the manufacturer TomTom is one of the most complete because it is preloaded with maps from around the world, allowing the driver to be oriented at all times to reach his destination on time and without delays.

With this small device not only is the route to be followed, but it is also equipped with radars to get an idea of ​​the traffic throughout the route. According to the manufacturer’s specifications, this alternative is capable of memorizing driving habits and predicting destinations. Likewise, you have an option to store the most frequent sites in “my places”. 

In addition, it delivers route and traffic information in real time, since it takes the data of millions of drivers to give an accurate result and in this way help to plan routes on traffic-free roads. Similarly, it has alerts that indicate the presence of speed cameras, so you will remember not to exceed the established limits.

Thanks to its updated processor, it has an almost immediate reaction to received commands. Among its characteristics, it has speakers, frequent map updates, battery with autonomy for one hour, among other advantages. 


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