Opinions about Shiro MX 917 Review 2021- Step by Step buying Guide

Main Advantage:

During the helmet’s manufacturing process, a high-end raw material was used, whose properties provide the structure with great external resistance and cushioning in the internal chamber to reduce the effect of impacts.


Main disadvantage:

You should review the dimensions of the inner module of the helmet and contrast them with your anatomy, because the format is likely to be a bit tight compared to conventional sizes.

Main Features Explained


Exterior and interior construction

When you see this Shiro MX 917 motocross helmet for the first time, you will perceive that it is a product with a high level of quality, due to the robustness of its structure and well-crafted finishes, both on the outside and inside. In addition, it has a great aesthetic appeal due to the colors of the case.

For its manufacture, a series of certified and highly resistant materials was used, which is what is finally required in a product of this type, because it will be exposed to impacts and sudden meteorological changes that may arise on the track.

Therefore, the material selected for the shell was composite carbon, which is a combination of polymer with carbon. In this way, a structure with greater resistance to abrasion and great lightness is obtained.

This last feature is quite convenient if we plan to wear the helmet for long periods of time, since it will not cause discomfort in the shoulders or neck.

On the other hand, inside the shell there is a padding system covered in Dry Max and Cool Max fabric, which, thanks to its composition of polyester fibers, manages to absorb moisture and provides fast drying, since it is a quite breathable fabric.



Secure fit

Motocross practices require great discipline and total concentration, since any distraction when moving around the track could make you lose your balance and, later, overturn.

For this reason, it is so important that you select the right equipment, thinking beyond its price and that, far from creating inconveniences when driving, it helps you improve your performance every day.

Among these elements necessary for motocross is the safety helmet, which is a mandatory accessory, because it protects us from receiving a strong impact in the cranial area, in case we fall off the motorcycle.

A helmet designed for this discipline and that has achieved great acceptance by users, is the MX 917 model from the Shiro brand, which, according to the opinions registered in the shopping portals, could be the best helmet for motocross. This is due to the fact that it has been provided with an interior padding system that, apart from cushioning impacts, also allows a correct coupling of the head to the interior of the structure. Likewise, you will have a practical and safe closing method, given by a DD System type buckle, which can be easily manipulated with one hand and adjusted according to your needs. Thus, you will get a better and more comfortable fit.



The homologation of a product is an analysis to which it is subjected prior to its release on the market, so that the user can be guaranteed certain security parameters with respect to its manufacture. In addition, there are countries that require such registration as a mandatory requirement for this equipment to be safe and legal. Therefore, it is important not to let this aspect go unnoticed and to confirm it before making the purchase.

In the case of the MX 917 model motocross helmets from the well-known Spanish house Shiro, we have been certified with two of the most important approvals worldwide, such as DOT and ECE / UN 22.05.

The first one is a homologation from the United States, which indicates that the equipment can be used to travel on any street in North America, since its manufacture is subject to all the requirements established by the “American Department of Transportation.

For its part, the second certification offered by this helmet will be very convenient if you reside in Spain, since it is European and it is the only one that is really accepted by the country’s road safety systems.

In addition, this motocross helmet is endorsed by Applus IDIADA, which is a company with over 25 years of experience in providing homologation services in the automotive sector.



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