Opinions about Repsol Elite Long Life 50700/50400 Review 2021- Step by Step buying Guide

Main Advantage:

This oil has been developed directly by Repsol’s technical teams focused on the world of sports, as well as by professionals from the Volkswagen group, in order to obtain a high-quality oil capable of withstanding the most complex conditions of use.


Main disadvantage:

Although the product is in the Long Life category, it is advisable to take a look at the maintenance intervals, as according to some comments it is convenient to check it frequently and not stretch it as much as possible with respect to the life cycle of the oil.

Main Features Explained


Oil formulation

Repsol Elite Long Life 50700/50400 oil is a product of entirely synthetic origin and is one of the current 5W30 oils . For this, it has bases entirely developed by the brand, with which to achieve better performance and protection of the engine in all kinds of circumstances. An oil that maintains the usual 5W30 standard, so that you do not have problems for the product to adequately protect all the elements of the engine when driving in vehicles that use this type of oil.

In order to give greater protection to the engine, the oil has a specific design for high-tech vehicles, adequately supporting the complete requirements of modern oils. Something that supposes to support the operation in engines at high pressure and with a considerable performance. Something that also improves the operation of engines with a particle filter, thus helping to reduce the pollution generated during the trip.

This formulation derives from the brand’s experience in competition, with tried and tested lubricants on all types of terrain. So if you need a lubricant that meets the rigorous quality standards required by the great Moto GP champions or the most seasoned riders of the Dakar, this is at your fingertips.

Higher oil resistance

We have already commented on everything that this oil offers to our engine when it comes to giving us good protection. But since we are talking about a product with first-rate foundations, we find ourselves with a product with high-resistance foundations. This more efficiently supports the entire process of lubricating the engine and maintaining a comprehensive film at all times.

On the other hand, the oil also has a high durability during the process of using it. As long as the product has the Long Life name. This name allows to extend the periods of oil maintenance for a longer time, so that the product supports change cycles that can reach up to 25,000 kilometers, although this also depends on what the vehicle manufacturer establishes. However, some opinions recommend maintaining greater control over the oil and its level between change periods, in order to prevent the oil from falling below what it should be.


Additional protection

To make your engine run with greater ease, this oil also incorporates specific properties and elements with which to achieve better performance and greater fluidity in its operation. To do this, you have a protection system that reduces the amount of waste and sludge inside the engine, also capable of reducing pollution and improving the overall performance of the vehicle.

The oil also reduces the internal friction of the engine, due to the quality of the protective film that we mentioned above. Less friction translates into less engine wear and smoother operation, reducing fuel consumption and the risk of breakdowns when driving, even at high speeds or in complex cold conditions or heat.

Finally, the oil has a low ash content and has a high detergent quality, so that it removes internal dirt from the engine, removes more residues from combustion and is capable of managing them efficiently. An issue that translates into a lower level of environmental particles, since what is generated in the operation of the engine burns more efficiently in the area of ​​the particle filter or in the catalyst, reducing emissions to the environment.


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