Opinions about Pioneer TS-G1730F

Main Advantage:

The fact that this speaker system has three ways makes the sounds more detailed and accurate, as the high, middle and low tones are treated individually.


Main disadvantage:

The design of this product is quite traditional, due to its structure and black color, so if you want a speaker system with a structure that stands out, this is not your best alternative. 

Main Features Explained


Coaxial system

Like most car speaker systems of its kind, this product works with coaxial technology, however it differs in that instead of using two-way, this product comes with three-way. This type of model is also known by the name of triaxials, however, it is more common to hear the name “three-way coaxial”. 

This specific product comes with an integrated speaker construction like other models, however, it offers a more complete and detailed audio range, because instead of being divided into two sections, it is divided into 3. The product comes with two separate structures, however, it does have a woofer for the bass, a small tweeter for the treble, and a midrange component. This detail is what makes it possible for the frequencies to have a speaker dedicated to them, which allows the sound to be more stable and has less distortion. 

The lowest resonant frequency is located at 81 Hz and the fast response of these Pioneer speakers at various frequencies ranges from 36 to 18,000 Hz. This detail is what maintains a fluid sound in the reproduction of sounds, no matter the volume you choose. This gives it a good performance, appropriate to its price.



At first glance, you will notice that its structure is quite simple and has a very common design among car speakers. The system is completely black in color and has grilles, however, the power of the sound makes it stand out from other models, according to the opinions of buyers.

The diameter of the large speakers is 17 centimeters, an appropriate size for this type of product, while the tweeter measures only 1 centimeter, but this does not affect its sound production in any way. The cut-out hole for the speakers is 14.4 cm and if you want to do the assembly yourself, you should know that the mounting depth of the product is 4.97 cm. This makes it advisable to install the speakers at the rear of the car.

Weighing only 0.49 kilograms, assembling will not require excessive effort, as the parts are easy to handle and install. That way there will be less chance of error in the process and no help is required. The materials used are various. In the case of the woofer, it is made with a membrane composed of IMPP, an acronym for “Injected and Molded Polypropylene”. The tweeter, meanwhile, is made of polyethylene terephthalate.


Technical specifications

When making a comparison of car speakers you will notice that the Pioneer models are outstanding in this market. This is not only due to the history of the brand, but also to the quality shown by its speaker systems, with technical specifications worthy of being considered part of the best car speakers.

The impedance is the same as that of many other speakers, specifically 4 Ohms, and in the case of sensitivity, this is 90 dB. However, while this data is important, nothing is more valuable in a car speaker system than the power rating it delivers. This information requires your attention, as it is what determines the power of the speakers for music production. In this case, this Pioneer model offers a power of 40 W. This amount is sufficient for car audio systems.

In the case of the maximum power output of the speakers, this is 300 watts according to the manufacturers. However, if you want to keep the product in good condition for a longer period of time, it is not recommended to ever force the appliance to reach its maximum levels. In general, these speakers sound loud and loud enough so you can enjoy your music to the fullest. 



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