Opinions about Pioneer MVH-S100UI

Main Advantage:

This audio model allows you to enjoy all the music content stored on your Android or iOS devices, just by directly connecting your phone through the available front USB or auxiliary inputs. In addition, it offers a high-quality sound experience.


Main disadvantage:

This radio does not have Bluetooth connectivity, which is missed by some users. But remember that this unit is designed only for digital music from any device that supports USB input.

Main Features Explained



If you want to enjoy high quality sound, with this model you will not have to worry, since it has an efficient system with 4 Mosfet x 50 watts of power output, which allows you to have optimal audio reproduction. Thus, this system offers a good power output with the built-in speakers in your vehicle, without having to install external amplifiers or other additional components.

Its installation is quite simple, thanks to the terminal’s ISO connectivity, which considerably simplifies the connection process. But if you want more sound power, this device has 2 RCA outputs located on the back of the player unit, in which you can connect additional amplifiers and speakers, to maximize the musical experience in your car.

We cannot forget to mention that although this model is quite simple, it is designed to play digital music and does not have a CD / DVD reader, but its price is compatible with almost all budgets and Pioneer puts its special touch on it, so perhaps be a good option to update your car audio system without spending a lot of money. 


Connectivity and compatibility

Many modern car radios incorporate the latest connectivity technologies, such as a USB port, an external point that allows you to connect any digital device, from tablets to smartphones to Bluetooth technology. In the case of the Pioneer MVH-S100UI, we highlight that it incorporates a USB input, from where you can connect any device with an interface cable to charge it or to enjoy a more defined sound.

Its connectivity is quite wide, since you can connect your mobile or other device in a simple way, being compatible with Android systems, as well as with Apple technology equipment, connecting with all iPhone / iPod directly, allowing access to music content kept in them. However, this model does not have Bluetooth connectivity, but this does not limit its functionalities.

On the other hand, we must mention that this model has a system that is highly compatible with any type of digital file, so you can listen to your music from FLAC, WAV, WMA or MP3 formats and efficiently enjoy these functions, without having to worry about converting your multimedia content so that your computer can read it.

In this vein, many people consider that perhaps we are talking about one of the best car radios that we can find in the virtual store market, according to their positive opinions regarding ease of use and good quality.


Design and control

Another characteristic aspect of this model is the attractive design that Pioneer imposes on its audio devices. The MVH-S100UI has a fairly intuitive digital keypad with lighting details in a beautiful shade of red, so you can easily select each function of the equipment, or to listen to any of the 24 FM radio stations that are preset, allowing the enjoyment of more music in your car.

It also has a main wheel that works as a radio tuner, allowing you to choose any sound option or adjust the volume easily. We must also talk about the front panel in black, because its sober, elegant and striking design easily adapts to any combination of your vehicle.

On the other hand, to use this device you can use your mobile as a remote control system, thanks to the advanced ARC application that Pioneer has, which facilitates the use of different configuration options. In this way, you can manage your music folders, customize the stereo functions, select the singer of your choice, advance the music or repeat the song, among other modalities. 

In addition, using the Apple or Android system you can enjoy the Spotify function, from where you connect to your playlists, favorite artists and listen to your favorite songs through the controls of this car radio.



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