Opinions about Mobicool G30 AC / DC

Main Advantage:

Its attractive and functional design is one of its greatest virtues, which is why it is a thermoelectric refrigerator equipped with a double fan and a USB port that facilitates the connection of any mobile device. In addition, it is compact and easy to handle.


Main disadvantage:

Apparently when the maximum cooling level is chosen, this appliance emits a louder noise than expected. However, it is a refrigerator that fully fulfills its functions.


Main Features Explained



Thanks to technological advances, every day we can enjoy greater comfort in our environment. Such is the case of cars, which allows the connection of various accessories and devices in order to make the trip more pleasant. With this in mind, some of the best brands on the market have created car refrigerators, small appliances that are very useful when leaving home.

In this sense, we have the Mobicool G30 AC / DC a mini fridge that could be your best ally when you go out with your family or friends for a walk. It is a product that offers great utility when it comes to traveling by car, truck or caravan, since it favors the power to keep soft drinks, beers, water, juices and any food in optimal state of conservation and without running the risk of decompose.

For this reason, you can comfortably take it to the beach and have any cold drink of your choice on hand, it is also practical and useful for a camping day, a camping weekend and in the same way, to carry food and drinks during long trips on the highway.

Functionality and energy class

This Mobicool model is designed to efficiently maintain the cold chain. For this, it has a plug with adapter for 230 volt connections; so you can connect it in your home or office. It also offers the practical option of connecting it to your car battery through the cigarette lighter, for which it uses a peltier cell with 12 volts direct power.

Therefore, in addition to the use that you can give it in your outdoor adventures, it is a refrigerator that you can also use in the pool at home, on the terrace, study, game room and even when you prepare a barbecue for your friends; since you will always have all cold drinks at your fingertips.

Likewise, it is equipped with a ventilation system that integrates a double fan, in order to offer an optimal distribution of the cold inside. While its thermoelectric system gives you a cooling of up to 18 ° C less than room temperature.

In addition to all this, it has a USB port integrated into its structure that favors the recharge of any mobile device such as Smartphones, cameras or tablets. In addition, it is a refrigerator certified with the highest energy efficiency class: class A +++; so it helps you efficiently with electricity consumption.


Design and branding

It could be one of the best car coolers of the moment, since in addition to its efficiency, it also offers an aesthetic component due to its elegant design. For this reason, in their opinions many call it the “Rolls Royce” of portable refrigerators.

It belongs to the Mobicool G range, a line of car refrigerators with high performance and an attractive presence. Its design features a sturdy casing with balanced details in gray and red. It also offers an insulating material that meets high quality standards and its capacity reaches up to 29 liters. In the same way, it has a compartment in its lid that allows you to collect the cable in an organized way.

Its dimensions are 39.6 x 29.6 x 44.5 cm and its weight is only 4.3 kg, so you can move it without much effort. Likewise, to improve the user experience, it has a practical carrying handle. Its compact size also favors its portability, since it takes up little space; As for its useful capacity, you can easily carry up to 6 vertically located 2-liter bottles.

In addition, it is a refrigerator that has the support of Mobicool, a leading brand in the refrigeration market whose specialty is the manufacture of portable refrigerators. This brand was born in 1991 and is present worldwide, which speaks volumes about its high quality standards.



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