Opinions about JVC CS-J620X

Main Advantage:

The materials used are of the best quality and its hybrid rubber and fabric system offers durability and a cleaner final sound.


Main disadvantage:

Being a coaxial system, this speaker set is somewhat limited in terms of detail in sound reproduction, unlike separate-way speakers.


Main Features Explained



Before making the purchase of the best car speakers, it is necessary to take into account structural things, such as the size of each piece, since this influences their organization and the choice of where they will be placed. There are certain cars where the installation is on the sides, while most focus on the rear. 

In this case, this purchase comes with two pieces: a woofer and a tweeter. The woofer cone, responsible for the bass, has been made of mica, a resistant material suitable for this type of item, and it also has a diameter of 16 centimeters. On the other hand, the tweeter is made of polyetherimide and comes with dimensions of 2.5 centimeters; this piece is in charge of producing the high pitched sounds. Both components require a depth of 4.3 centimeters to be able to make the correct assembly. 

To add extra durability and strength, manufacturers have used Hybrid Surround technology, which uses two materials to create a hybrid surround that also contributes to the final sound quality. In this case, the elements used are rubber and fabric. Installation requires little time, if you know about these types of products, so in minutes you can enjoy the music you want to listen to on each walk you take. 


Technical specifications

The structural part of the speaker set parts and their design are important aspects, however, the first thing that should be considered when making a comparison on car speakers is each of the technical specifications given by the manufacturer. 

When it comes to power, this appliance accepts an electrical power input of up to 300 watts without problems. In addition, it has an impedance of 4 Ohms to resist electric current without affecting the sound produced by the speakers. These data are based only on the ability of the speakers to withstand the passage of power through them, however, when speaking of sound quality, this pair of speakers has a nominal power or RMS of 30 W, which indicates that This is the maximum power of the product for completely safe operation, without distorting the sound. 

The sensitivity level of both the woofer and the tweeter is 92 dB, a suitable number among the normal settings for car speakers. The frequency response range is wide, and despite being a two-way device, it manages to produce an extensive range of sounds. Manufacturers do not specify its peak power, so it is recommended not to exceed the volume. 


Coaxial system 

When among the opinions you are looking for, the relationship between quality and price is given greater value, and if you are considering purchasing one of the cheapest models, those with coaxial systems will surely be the first to catch your eye.  

This is because its structure is one of the most practical and versatile on the market, since, despite being a system made up of different parts, these are integrated and work to handle all possible frequencies together, offering a range wide sound without the need for additional elements. In a two-way coaxial system, the woofer is the artifact responsible for reproducing all bass and midrange sounds, while the tweeter-type speaker focuses on the reproduction of high and mid-high frequencies. This is the exact case of the model offered by JVC.

As it is not a separate track artifact, the sound quality of the set is unprofessional, as each piece is responsible for reproducing several frequencies, the noise can weaken and sound less intense than desired, especially the bass. This does not mean that it is a poor quality product, not at all, but that it is made for everyday use and should be used under this criteria, without expecting a 100% faithful and professional sound. 



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