Opinions about Invoxia GPS Tracker

Main Advantage:

The Invoxia GPS Tracker locator offers the possibility of finding belongings regardless of the distance at which they are located, just by using the corresponding application on the smart phone.


Main disadvantage:

The equipment records the journeys made by the car from point A to point B, but it is not possible to observe a trajectory more specifically on a map.

Main Features Explained


Practical design

There are many models of car GPS locators . However, the Invoxia GPS Tracker stands out for its small design, made of aluminum, whose length barely reaches 10 cm, with a width not much greater than 3 cm, while its weight is quite light, since it is 31, 8 g. For this reason, it is a practical device to carry everywhere, whether in a pocket, bag, glove compartment of the car or placed inside a safe compartment of the motorcycle. 

This equipment also includes a small strap of around 14 cm in length, made of leather, which allows it to be held in the hands comfortably and safely. Its shape and design are very similar to those of a pendrive, which favors its storage or transport. 

The Invoxia locator is suitable for keeping an eye on other personal items, such as any type of vehicle, even jet skis, as well as musical instruments, tools or suitcases. Likewise, this locator has been designed to protect the safety of the whole family, especially when it comes to children and the elderly, as it incorporates a button that, when pressed, can share the location.  


Easy drive

The Invoxia GPS Tracker car GPS tracker can be used quickly, easily and safely. This is another advantage for which it is one of the most sought after, according to user opinions, despite the fact that its price is not necessarily the cheapest. 

To use this locator, you just have to connect it to the computer through the micro USB cable. Likewise, its battery stands out for having an estimated duration of between 1 and 6 months, according to the frequency of use that the device receives. Similarly, when the GPS is discharged, it will only take an hour and a half to complete the battery power process. All this through the USB connection.

Once the maximum load is reached, using it is very simple, since it is only necessary to download the Invoxia GPS application and link it to the mobile device so that it uses the same mobile data network and works according to this signal, although it can also be connected to other low-power Wi-Fi networks.


Scope and utility

One of the characteristics that consolidate this Invoxia brand model as one of the best GPS locators for cars is that it offers the possibility of locating objects with the use of the Invoxia GPS application through the smart mobile device from anywhere, as long as when the area is covered by the SigFox Europe network, which works well between the countries of Spain and Portugal, which provides a high range with very little distance limit and relatively low consumption.

The use of the GPS Tracker locator, connected to this network or that of the mobile phone, allows you to configure the device to know its position at least every 5 minutes from when the movement starts. Of course, said emission of notifications is subject to the level of reception of the signal that the equipment receives.

However, this small device is also capable of alerting every 4 hours in case the locator does not register any movement. You can also establish surveillance and security settings, through which you have the option of specifying the zones that are considered safe, in order for the locator to send a notification when entering and leaving these areas. Similarly, you can activate the anti-theft option to receive an alert from the GPS Tracker when it perceives movements while the car is parked.

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