Opinions about IIIONI IIIOTO MoniMoto

Main Advantage:

This is one of the most versatile GPS motorcycle alarms, since you can mount it on your motorcycle to know where it is in case of theft or loss.


Main disadvantage:

It would be better if the size of the tracking device was smaller, to hide it more easily anywhere on the bike. In this way, it would be more difficult for someone to find it.

Main Features Explained


Configuration and maximum protection

This could be the best motorcycle alarm, since you can set it in just 5 minutes through an application available for both Android and iOS. You must pair the phone with the security GPS device and follow the steps requested by the application. In the same way, it is necessary to pair the key with the GPS device. This little accessory comes in the bundle with the purchase of the IIIONI IIIOTO MoniMoto.

In addition, this GPS security system is activated automatically when leaving the motorcycle in the parking lot. That is, it starts to sound an alarm on your phone when someone moves the motorcycle from the place where you left it. And, if you want to deactivate the alarm, you simply have to bring the paired key closer.

Regarding the security of the GPS, we inform you that the device shows the coordinates of the place where your motorcycle is directly on your phone. It sends you messages with the coordinates, which you can use in an application like Google Maps. This way you will know where your kidnapped motorcycle is, giving you the opportunity to notify the police, so that they can help you recover the motorcycle.



Fast and accurate information

According to the opinions of people who have already bought it, this alarm is quite accurate and fast to report if someone has taken your motorcycle. In addition, this device works in Europe and North America through a SIM card, that is, mobile telephony, which is included with two months of free GPS service. It is through this signal that the GPS sensor will send you text messages to the phone with the address where your motorcycle is located.

Also, thanks to this small SIM card, the device detects the highest signal from the GPS providers that are available in a certain country, for example, Spain, Italy, France, etc.

It should be noted that the application for the phone is available in three languages, Italian, English and French. In addition to this, once the application is installed, you can contact the brand’s technical support, if necessary. Also, in the application you will see the battery level and you can turn off the GSM service, even in it it will be possible to adjust the sensitivity of the GPS. However, we advise you not to lower the sensitivity too much, so that the GPS is more accurate or safe.


Battery and practicality

The GPS device works with 2 long-life CR123A batteries , which are included in the package. Please note that this device is wireless and will not need a motorcycle battery, which makes it easy to use.

Also, this product is waterproof, so if it rains in the middle of a trip and splashes water on it, it will not be damaged.

In another vein, we mention that the key comes with its CR2450 battery that you can easily change when it wears out, even through the application you will receive a notification indicating the status of it. However, we inform you that, depending on the brand, the change is made once a year.

Another aspect that we can mention is that the device has Bluetooth 4.0, so it is compatible with almost any iOS or Android phone.

And, if you want to know the price, we mention that this product does not reach 200 euros, so that you can buy it without problems, to protect the motorcycle in case it is stolen.

Also, a feature that we highlight about this product is its CellLocate technology , which allows to determine the closest location of the device when it is in a place with poor coverage or the GPS signal is not available at the moment.

As if that were not enough, the device will make a call to your mobile after 1 minute if it detects any movement of the motorcycle and the key is not nearby.



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