Opinions about Hankook K125 XL

Main Advantage:

These tires have a class A wet braking category, the highest of all those that exist within the current European labeling. Likewise, it maintains a category C when it comes to fuel consumption.


Main disadvantage:

The noise level of these tires is slightly higher than that of other similar models, with a noise level of class 2 and 72 decibels of noise generated while driving.


Main Features Explained


Tire main data

To learn about Hankook K125 XL tires, also commercially known as Ventus Prime 3 XL, we start by analyzing their qualification and their parameters with respect to the new European labeling.

An aspect in which the model excels mainly in wet braking. At this point, the tire receives an A rating, the highest of all existing ones. Therefore, even being summer tires, this model has one of the shortest braking distances on the market, just 34 meters under the conditions established for the corresponding tests.

Regarding fuel consumption, this is a little higher, having a C rating, in line with most tires on the market. However, the adjusted price of these tires and their mileage partially compensates for this parameter, being in line with the tires of other top-level manufacturers. As a reference, this tire saves around 120 euros of fuel compared to an E-class tire, the least efficient of those legally allowed in the European Union today.

Tire construction

In order to offer you an efficient ride and all the performance parameters that we have discussed, these tires have a classic summer design with a suitable balance between sporty driving and the comfort that family vehicles need. For this, the tire combines a lightweight carcass with considerable torsional power on the road with a high resistance in the tread, which is mainly responsible for the braking capacity in the wet that we have mentioned.

Precisely this drawing is another of the details that improve this product, according to various opinions about it. It has a directional character and in its treads it combines highly efficient grip blocks with lateral support elements with which to maintain control, even at the high speeds at which the highest-end and high-end models are circulated. higher speed code that includes the offer of this manufacturer.

In terms of construction, the tire has a high-grip silica compound, mounted on large, reinforced, jointless belts for greater stability. Regarding the sidewalls, these are made of high-density polyester, finished off with rigid heels, which give greater flexibility and a more stable response when cornering.


Other data of interest

As last aspects related to these tires, it is necessary to talk about issues such as the noise level, which is slightly higher than that of other similar models. Specifically, according to the current labeling, we are talking about 2-wave tires and with a noise level generated during the march of 72 decibels.

Regarding the availability of measures, it is considerable, being designed for vehicles with greater weight and demand, as corresponds to XL tires. Averages that go up to 245/45/18, with speed codes W and load levels of 96 and 100. However, the range of this model is also available for smaller sizes, starting at 185/55 / 15, although without the XL consideration.

As a final detail, this tire has been tested by the main automotive magazines on the market such as Auto Bild or ACE, among others. Some opinions in which the valuation of the product is high, which also shows us the good quality of this tire model in the most common driving conditions that you will have to face on the road.



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