Opinions about Hangang GPS tracker

Main Advantage:

It is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones through the corresponding application, through which you can access a precise location, display all the information of a route and follow up in real time.


Main disadvantage:

Its performance is a bit impaired when used indoors and in closed places or where there is little network coverage, so it could show erroneous information.

Main Features Explained



A characteristic that defines almost all GPS locators for cars is their installation mechanism, which does not require much effort or knowledge, but just install the application corresponding to the brand and model on the mobile phone and place the device in the right place. . 

The Hangang GPS Tracker model also offers this advantage but, unlike other more common ones, it has a robust magnet that favors fixing it quickly and safely on any surface made of iron, with the Strong Magnet system, a device that also has sufficient force to adhere to the underside of the car quickly and effectively. 

However, it is also necessary to previously install the application corresponding to this model on the mobile phone or enter its platform to obtain the details in real time, follow up, locate the position on the map and establish a delimitation or “Geo-fence” to the locator to limit its movement within a specific area. In the event that a movement is registered outside the delimited area, the locator will issue an alert through a message sent to the number indicated by the user. For this, the Hangang GPS Tracker car locator uses a GSM SIM card and works correctly only with a 2G network. 



An outstanding feature that places this model among the best GPS locators for cars is its complete alarm system that works according to the configuration that has been preset. This system has the ability to emit different types of sound under the various circumstances for which the locator is activated. 

This quality offers the possibility of being alert to any movement or unusual behavior and distinguishing its sound to act in a timely manner, depending on the situation. The alarm system includes a vibration alarm, in which the sensor is activated when it perceives a type of vibration, so the locator notifies the user by means of a message when a movement or agitation occurs in the car. 

Another of the alarms it emits is activated when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit or is outside the established regulatory levels. The locator then sends a message to the phone to remind the user to drive safely. Similarly, it also has the ability to alert the vehicle owner when the device has been intentionally removed from its site. In addition to these alarms, it has an intelligent alert that notifies when the device’s battery has decreased its charge.


Operation and construction

The Hangang GPS Tracker is frequently part of the positive opinions of thousands of users, who share a similar perspective regarding the quality of the features provided by this product. Among these opinions, it stands out regarding its operation, which is done in a simple way according to the configuration that is pre-established through the application for Android phones, iOS or through its platform. 

Part of the functions this team performs involves effective real-time monitoring and the ability to locate the site with greater accuracy. To do this, it uses GPS, LBS and A-GPS modes. In addition to its useful operation, the Hangang GPS Tracker also stands out for the solidity of its construction, whose weight is less than 500 g. 

The structure of the device is compact, with dimensions of 11 x 7.7 x 2.7 cm and is made of a strong and high resistance material, so it is able to withstand even some possible blows when falling from the car, and its compact and hermetic design prevents the entry of dust particles that could hinder its operation. In the same way, this locator exhibits the IP58 protection rating, which indicates that it is a waterproof device, capable of withstanding rain or spillage of some liquids on it, without affecting its performance.



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