Opinions about Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

Main Advantage:

It is one of the most complete tires that we have analyzed, with ratings that stand out both in terms of fuel consumption and in terms of wet grip and road noise.


Main disadvantage:

Since tires tend to be somewhat soft, especially on the sidewall, they have a greater tendency to be affected by punctures, according to some comments.


Main Features Explained


Tire parameters

To start evaluating the characteristics of this tire, we are going to review its European rating label. An aspect in which, as we have already mentioned, the product stands out among the best tires of the moment. To begin with, these tires offer us a level of consumption of class B, ranking among the most outstanding and saving around 180 euros of fuel throughout the life of the tire compared to tires that have a class F rating Something that makes the product a very profitable model, also thanks to its low price.

If the tire stands out in consumption, it does even more in terms of wet grip. In this case, the rating the product receives is class A, so the stopping distance on rainy days is one of the shortest we can find. An extra peace of mind so that driving is much safer and does not pose a problem when the road gets wet.

As a third aspect of this label, we find the level of noise generated while filming. A level that also reduces the noise level of the product compared to tires of these measures, hovering around 68 decibels of external noise generation. Something that gives it a single wave rating. So the tire also has high efficiency, as far as noise is concerned.


Tire technology

All these parameters that we have discussed arise both from the wide combination of technology and functions included in the structure of the tire. Among them, we have a high-efficiency tread, with a rather soft structure, which is responsible for generating that high level of grip that we have mentioned. A compound that is combined with the Active Braking system, which offers a higher-quality tread and studs when braking, so that the distance is reduced, as we have commented before.

In this approach, we also have Fuel Saving technology, with which to reduce fuel consumption when rolling, which is 18% less than what was in previous models. The same goes for running in the wet, for which we have Wear Control technology, which optimizes grip on wet ground.

Finally, as far as noise is concerned, the secret of the success of this tire is due to the Sound Comfort technology. A system that practically reduces the level of noise generated by half and that allows us to achieve the high level of sound efficiency that we have mentioned. 


Other matters of interest

One of the signs that these tires have a considerable quality is the large number of manufacturers who mount this model directly as first equipment on their vehicles. Some tires that are included in vehicles from Ford, Volkswagen or even Mercedes or Porsche, among other manufacturers.

An issue that also makes clear the wide variety of measures that we have at our disposal when equipping our car. Measurements that range from those available in the most compact and simple vehicles, such as urban compacts, to the measurements of SUVs and more demanding vehicles. All this, at a more than interesting price level, given that they are not high-cost tires.

As a final aspect, if you want to know more about what the experts think about this tire, the product has a good number of positive opinions from the main magazines and entities in the market. Thus, the product has received notable evaluations from entities such as ADAC, AutoBild magazine or Gute Fahrt, among others. 


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