Opinions about Givi TRK52N Review 2021

Main Advantage:

This classic cargo model incorporates a resistant aluminum cover, which reinforces the protection of the entire piece and gives it a more elegant look, without having to worry about carrying more weight.


Main disadvantage:

As with other models, both from Givi and from other brands, you will have to buy an adapter plate according to the characteristics of your motorcycle to carry out the assembly.

Main Features Explained


Interior space and dimensions

We started our analysis of this product from Givi, an old acquaintance when it comes to motorcycle trunks, talking about the interior space and the dimensions of the product. Starting with that capacity, it is a product of no less than 52 liters of useful capacity, so that inside you will be able to store two full motorcycle helmets without having to worry about anything.

For this, the drawer has measures within the usual ones for this type of product. Specifically, the trunk is 31.5 centimeters high by 46 centimeters long and 60 centimeters wide. Some measures that make the product suitable to be mounted on all types of motorcycles of a certain size, although it is true that the product may be somewhat more bulky than recommended for small motorcycles, such as scooters and the like.

Regarding the load capacity, it is 10 kilos in total, as long as the assembly instructions are respected and it is carried out using the appropriate plate for our motorcycle. Capacity that is in line with other models on the market of similar measures. Regarding its tare, the weight of the trunk is 4.01 kilos, being very precise.


Manufacturing materials

Another detail that helps us to trust that our things will be safe in this trunk are the construction materials used in its preparation. Something that jumps at first glance in aspects such as the aluminum cover of the entire piece, with a nice brushed finish and that adds an extra resistance to the product against all kinds of external threats. All this without adding more weight or reducing versatility to the drawer.

The rest of the body of the trunk is made of high quality plastic, with the material thick enough to withstand any blow or fall that we may have during our route, thus adequately protecting the content. This plastic material also covers the piece in the upper part, the one lined in aluminum, thus giving more resistance and integrity to the whole.

As for the interior, it has the necessary treatment to prevent your helmets from being scratched or that what you transport is damaged by friction. All this without forgetting a high resistance, which prevents that interior from deteriorating as a result of use. Something that arouses good opinions among users.


Assembly and safety

To conclude our analysis of this model, ranked among the best motorcycle trunks on the market today, it is time to take a look at the assembly and safety. Two issues that go hand in hand and that, as usual in the entire Givi range, the product exceeds with a note.

Starting with the assembly, this is easy if you have the corresponding adapter plate. It is true that this plate is not included with the trunk and that you must buy it separately, but it is also true that since each motorcycle has a specific grill it is the best way to have the plate you need. Besides, its adjusted price also cushions that additional purchase. Something that guarantees that the trunk will remain stable in its place, without posing a risk during the route.

Regarding security, in addition to assembly, it is also adequate to prevent thieves from entering the interior. For this, the product has a traditional security lock that, despite its image, is much more complicated to violate than it would be thinkable. Plus, thanks to the structure and materials discussed earlier, it’s also not possible to forcibly access the interior, unless the thief sets up a major scandal in the process.


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