Opinions about Garmin Drive 51 Full EU

Main Advantage:

This car GPS model has been equipped with several preloaded maps of Europe. It is estimated that there are about 45 countries on the continent in which you can have navigation through its routes, even offline.


Main disadvantage:

Although it has a high-end performance, with precision in the coordinates, the same does not happen with its battery, because it has a reduced autonomy of just over an hour.


Main Features Explained


Design and display

A general characteristic of the GPS for cars and that include most of manufacturers is a modern design, practical, interactive and easy to hold, due to its low weight. Each of these features is possessed by the Garmin Drive 51 Full EU. According to the opinions of amateurs and experts, it is a high-end and reliable device, which provides the basic tools for the user to reach their destination satisfactorily. 

This device, available with a black frame, has a reduced weight of just over 100 grams and its size is compact, making it possible to take it anywhere without disturbing or creating discomfort, since the space it would occupy is reduced, similar to that of a mobile. In fact, while not in use, it could be stored in the car console or placed in the cover behind the seats.

In addition, the Garmin Drive 51 Full EU includes a large five-inch color screen, with high native resolution of 480 x 272 pixels and touch properties. Therefore, it is possible to make the selection of settings and configuration through an interactive and easy-to-use menu, as it is intuitive. Likewise, by using this screen, the driver or his co-pilot will be able to observe and follow the directions of the route efficiently. 


Software and navigation

The price of a car GPS can vary depending on various factors. Some of the most important are the software and navigation capabilities with which the device has been equipped. In the case of the manufacturer Garmin, it endows its GPS models with high-end properties that can be accessed through simple and intuitive software, which allows driving oriented towards the selected destination, with a reduction in time on the road and optimization information. 

In this sense, the Garmin Drive 51 Full EU model is easy to use. However, so that the user does not have problems, the GPS incorporates a manual of instructions for the quick start. Through an interactive menu, the user will be able to walk through different options that will give him the possibility of visualizing the evaluations of different points of interest during the route of the route. This includes restaurants, hotels, attractions, and much more. 

Also, for added control while driving, the manufacturer has included a suction cup mount for your car, so you can install the device nearby to listen carefully to directions or see quickly, without taking your attention off the road. Includes a shortcut function that makes it easy to navigate to destinations with a search for specific places within the extended location. 


Features and maps

inherit;”>Considered one of the best car GPS on the market, this model from the manufacturer Garmin has functional options to offer. The device is practical for providing comprehensive navigation as it can be paired with the BC30 rear camera. When both devices are linked, it is possible to see, on the GPS screen, from vehicles to pedestrians and obstacles.

In addition, the GPS has preloaded maps of Europe, with more than 40 countries on the continent. With the navigator, the user will be alerted while driving in different situations, with updated information and alerts for sharp curves, radars, changes in speed limits, animal crossing and much more. Similarly, with this Garmin GPS, traffic jams can be put aside, as it is capable of providing alternative routes. 

As an added benefit, there are some applications such as Smartphone Link, which can be downloaded to receive up-to-date traffic, route guidance and weather notifications when you connect Garmin Drive with your mobile phone. Other advanced features of the device include Bluetooth calling, phone notifications on the GPS screen, voice recognition, and more. 



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