Opinions about Fox Racing V1 Review 2021-Step by Step buying Guide

Main Advantage:

This motocross helmet is suitable for use in extreme heat conditions, since the manufacturer took on the task of incorporating a series of ventilation slots distributed on the front and rear of the structure.


Main disadvantage:

When purchasing this helmet, it is important that you take some time to check its internal format, as it could be a little reduced compared to other models and cause discomfort.

Main Features Explained


Ventilation system

Motocross helmets are a safety element used in various sports, as well as in some work areas that require it. Its purpose is to provide an adequate level of protection to the cranial region and the face, depending on the model. All this is possible thanks to its wraparound design, which must be fully attached to the person’s head to fulfill its mission. However, such a structure can become quite suffocating if the manufacturer does not provide the design with a good ventilation system.

In this sense, the Fox Racing house has thought about the well-being of its users, so, prior to the construction of the V1 model motocross helmet, the brand’s work team carefully studied which are the most favorable ventilation points to the person. All this, considering the external conditions to which the driver will be exposed on the track.

The result was the incorporation of nine air inlets strategically distributed in the front part of the helmet and four more slots for the exit of said flow in the rear area of ​​the structure. Thus, you will always be fresh and humidity, caused by sweating, will remain controlled.



A motocross helmet that is widely commented on in shopping portals is this model from Fox Racing, which, according to user opinions, involves a series of high-quality materials in its manufacture.

Proof of this is its shell made of polycarbonate, which is a synthetic material widely used in industry. Said polymer has been subjected to an injection process to be molded and, in this way, gain greater resistance. For this, the plastic is melted at high temperatures and incorporated into a mold by means of an injection technique. Afterwards, it is sealed under pressure with a variation in the temperature of the mold, which generates a thermal shock that gives way to the solidification of the polycarbonate to finally be extracted from the last.

Likewise, the casing incorporates a thermoplastic with great properties such as ABS polymer, which has a pleasant soft touch and the strength necessary to withstand large impacts. In addition, it is a material that, like injection polycarbonate, is characterized by being quite light. This is convenient for those who will wear the helmet for several hours, since they do not have to worry about the generation of fatigue in the neck, shoulders and back.


Internal lining and cleaning

For many, the V1 model from the famous Fox Racing brand could be classified as one of the best helmets for motocross , because it has good manufacturing characteristics, such as its easy-to-clean interior upholstery. In addition, it is a product with a competitive price.

Also, the Fox Racing V1 helmet has been provided with a series of pads in its internal chamber, which, although it may not seem like it, fulfill several functions of great importance.

First of all, this padding reduces the space so that, when you put on the helmet, it adapts correctly to your anatomy. This way, you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting it and you can focus on the track without distractions.

On the other hand, in the event of an unexpected impact when falling from the motorcycle, this foam rubber is responsible for cushioning and distributing the energy of the blow. This means that your cranial region will not be directly exposed to impacts.

As a third benefit of this type of coating on the helmet, we have the fact of being able to extract the pieces easily, to be washed manually or in the machine, as desired. Thus, you can maintain the hygiene of the equipment by being able to avoid the generation of bacteria, mites and bad smells as a result of sweating.


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