Opinions about Fluke 323

Main Advantage:

With this multimeter in the form of a clamp meter Fluke 323 stands out for measuring true values ​​in an efficient and optimized way, partly because of its totally ergonomic design and partly because of its range and precision, which allow measurements for commercial and residential applications.


Main disadvantage:

This model of digital multimeter with clamps has the ability to measure current up to 400 amps, so if you need a model that you can use for more demanding jobs, we recommend choosing another model.


Main Features Explained


Accuracy and safety

To choose the best multimeter, you need to take into account a number of important aspects, such as its accuracy, so that the device meets your needs efficiently. Expert opinions agree that if your multimeter is poorly accurate, it is not worth investing in as it will give you incorrect and unreliable measurements. This Fluke 323 multimeter offers 2% accuracy from 45Hz to 65Hz and 2.5% from 65Hz to 400Hz, when measuring alternating currents. Also, if you need it to measure the voltage of the alternating current, it guarantees a measurement of 1.5% and for the voltage of the direct current of 1.0%.

As expected, every multimeter must meet a series of technical safety specifications that allow you to manipulate the device without running any type of risk and that guarantee a long useful life for the device. It is important to note that this clamp-on multimeter model has a CAT IV 300V / CAT III 600V safety rating, which largely prevents an overload accident. In addition, it comes with a two-year warranty, so if a problem occurs with your tool that is covered by the warranty, the company will respond immediately.


Measurement range and functions

When we talk about a multimeter, it is necessary to look at the measurement range offered by the product, taking into account that this aspect significantly affects its price. Logically, the greater the measurement range, the more professional you can use the tool, as it will display the measured values ​​in an optimal way. With this clamp multimeter, you can measure alternating current with a range of up to 400.0 amps, as well as the voltage of that current up to 600.0 amps, as well as the voltage for direct current. On the other hand, it has a resistance with a range that goes from 400.0 to 4,000 Ohms and an accuracy of 1.0%, so you can verify the presence of the load current, the AC voltage, in addition to the continuity. of a variety of circuits, fuses, switches and contacts, safely.

Likewise, it is important to know the extra functions offered by the multimeter you choose, so that it offers you an efficient solution for various needs. On many occasions, you will need to maintain a certain value that has been registered on the multimeter’s screen in order to make your evaluation, so this practical device incorporates an easily accessible “HOLD” button.


Design and accessories

Some users do not pay much attention to this aspect, however, the design issue is very important when it comes to multimeters, since it will allow you to manipulate the tool with more or less comfort, depending on the design. This multimeter is known as a clamp meter due to its slim and ergonomic design with dimensions of 20.7 x 7.5 x 3.4 centimeters and approximate weight of 265 grams, which facilitates working with the tool, in addition to having clamps that serve as a clamp, ideal if you need to work with a very crowded group of cables. On the other hand, it incorporates an LCD screen that will allow you to know the readings quickly, as well as a measurement mode selection dial.

Likewise, it is always very grateful that the products you buy have several accessories that expand the possibilities that, in principle, the multimeter offers. This model includes a SureGrip TL223 and TL175 TwistGuard electrical test lead set with test leads, a user manual, and a C42 soft case to help you conveniently transport it anywhere you need to comfortably carry out measurement work and without taking up much space. It also has a kit that includes a L210 probe light, as well as the well-known current clamps, which are removable.



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