Opinions about Einhell TH-AC 190/6 OF

Main Advantage:

This compact and very practical air compressor stands out reaching a maximum flow rate of up to 8 bar, allowing you to do DIY work at home and activate some tools in the workshop. In addition, it allows a suction of 185 liters per minute.


Main disadvantage

The 6-liter tank or tank may not be enough to inflate certain types of tires, so if you need a model that can inflate very large tires, you will need to choose another compressor.

Main Features Explained


Flow and tank

When you are looking for the best air compressor, it is necessary to take into account a number of important factors, so that you can purchase the model that best suits your needs. One of the key aspects is the flow rate, which refers to pressure and air consumption, therefore, will determine its effectiveness. Taking this into account, the Einhell trademark presents this practical air compressor that produces up to 8 fully adjustable Bar, which will allow you to inflate from motorcycle tires or compact cars to a wide variety of toys such as balls and inflatable castles, as well as putting launched a series of DIY tools.

On the other hand, in any comparison of air compressors, the opinions of experts on the subject will always tell you to look at the maximum capacity of the tank, which refers to the air capacity that it can generate continuously without stopping. . This air compressor has a tank or tank of up to 6 liters, so you can enjoy a suction capacity of 185 liters per minute. Therefore, you will be able to use this tool for longer without stopping to recharge.


Engine and power

If we talk about a tool like the air compressor , before worrying about the price, it is necessary to take a good look at the engine and make sure that it meets your requirements. One of the main advantages of this model is the incorporation of an engine that does not use oil for its operation, which gives you several advantages. In the first place, the maintenance of this tool is almost zero and, secondly, you will have a greater ease to move the tool from one place to another comfortably, since it does not weigh more than 9.05 kilograms.

On the other hand, the type of motor will determine the power of the tool defining the use that you can give the equipment, whether you are going to use it for domestic cases and DIY tasks or for professional jobs such as inflating large tires. and commissioning of some hydraulic tools such as saws and paint guns. Therefore, this model is suitable for almost any simple task of remodeling and repair that you need to do at home, such as painting and cutting. In addition, it allows you to inflate some types of tires thanks to its power of up to 1,100 watts.


Design and safety

Although it is an unimportant aspect for some users, design plays an important role when looking for an air compressor, since the market offers everything from compact and ergonomic models, to robust and special equipment for industrial jobs. Thinking about the comfort for the user, Einhell has designed a very constructive and ergonomic equipment, which greatly facilitates its transfer to any place where it is needed. Thanks to its dimensions of 35.2 x 31.2 x 36.5 centimeters, you can easily carry it in the trunk of your car or, when finished using it, store it comfortably in compact places. In addition, it incorporates a practical design that will help you keep the cable coiled and thus have a greater order. 

On the other hand, it is very necessary to look at the level of security offered by the equipment, so that you can work with it without risk of suffering any type of accident. Due to this, this air compressor incorporates a support foot with a practical suction cup function for greater stability when working, as well as an extra-large pressure gauge, with which you can keep exact control of what you are swelling. Similarly, it integrates a safety valve that will allow you to inflate and check the pressure level of the tires or toys that are inflated, which will help you maintain a regulated working pressure.



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