Opinions about Dainese Street Biker Air Review 2021- Step by Step buying Guide

Main Advantage:

With these urban boots you will enjoy high-level protection, as befits the brand. Something that does not affect the maneuverability of the boots, which do not limit movement when riding in any environment.

Main disadvantage:

Regarding sizes, apart from reviewing them carefully, it is recommended that, in general, you bet on one size larger than the one you usually wear.

Main Features Explained


A design that deceives

The first thing that catches your attention when you see the Dainese Street Biker Air motorcycle boots is their design. This model breaks the traditional and somewhat bland trend of conventional boots with an elegant and very fashionable appearance. Something that does not affect their ability to protect your feet and give you the comfort you need, as we will see later.

But for now we stop at that design, which generates such good opinions among users. Its appearance is similar to that of a Converse type sneakers with a somewhat higher shaft, in order to adequately protect the ankle. The outer area has a dark-colored leather construction and finished off with the brand’s logo in the instep area, in a red tone that draws attention.

That red hue is also present in the last hole of the string, which breaks up the dark surroundings of the rest of the grommet elements. Finally, the rubber sole has a one-toe thick design, in a slightly lighter tone than the rest of the piece. Enough to protect your feet and give a special touch to the finish of the boot.

igh protection

To be among the best motorcycle boots of the moment, it is necessary to have high protection. And this is just what this urban model offers you. For this, the product has a high quality leather construction with optimal perforation, to give you maximum coverage on the foot. Something that translates into a notable reduction in abrasion when riding, as well as in the event of a fall.

This translates into a category II rating within the stringent safety requirements established by the European Union approvals. Protection that includes specific reinforcements in the most important areas of the foot, such as the ankle or the toe. Elements that help you better apply force while driving and absorb both bumps and bumps when driving.

Finally, we must not neglect the sole of the product. This has a good thickness, which prevents you from nailing the supports or the clutch on your feet when riding. On the other hand, this area also has good grip on its entire surface, so that you can ride with it safely, but also leaving you the possibility of walking comfortably when you get off the bike.


A convenient solution

If some boots are safe but not comfortable, surely they are of no use. A problem that does not appear in this reasonably priced product, since it has everything you need to keep your feet cool and comfortably positioned when riding.

To do this, these boots include quality materials, such as the double mesh lining made in knitting and with a high degree of ventilation. This material has some advantages, such as preventing excessive heat from accumulating inside the foot or that the material can rub against your skin as sweat accumulates or the torsions of use occur.

On the other hand, the weight of the boots is also light, so they do not add a lot of load to your ankles when riding. They also incorporate an adjustment system using laces, with which to maintain the tension you prefer on the foot and achieve the degree of tightening that best suits you at all times.



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