Opinions about Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 AO XL

Main Advantage:

These tires feature a series of 3D channels along the entire length of the tread, which significantly improves grip in the wet. Something fundamental, taking into account the type of vehicles that will equip these wheels.


Main disadvantage:

Although the range has average parameters in terms of fuel consumption, some measures even fall to a category F, one of the least efficient on the market.


Main Features Explained


He drew

Specially designed for commercial vehicles, such as vans, vans and other large vehicles, Continental ContiPremiumContact 2 AO XL tires have some details that make our trip more comfortable and safe, both in dry and wet.

Among these details, we find the design of the tread. In this band are located its modern 3D channels, typical of the brand and that run through the central area of ​​the tire, generating a more efficient evacuation of water in rainy or wet conditions. Therefore, the weight of the vehicle is distributed correctly during taxiing and the risks of aquaplaning are reduced.

These channels, together with the rest of the drawing approach, also offer considerable advantages in dry driving, with a more stable behavior similar to that offered by a tire and a conventional passenger car. An approach that is reinforced with the structure of the outer casing of the tire, conveniently devised for this type of high load tires, giving the product greater rigidity, resistance and durability.

European label

Since opinions on a specific tire model can be subjective, we are going to go to the most objective source we have, which is the European label. Starting with the fuel consumption parameter, we have a variable parameter according to the different measurements, which is class C for the 215/45/16 90V measurement. A parameter that is in the market average, considering the type of vehicles that mount this type of measures, for which it compensates, in part, its price compared to other cheaper models but also with more consumption.

Regarding the grip in the wet, the open tread system and the 3D channels that we have already mentioned give this model a rating of B in all its measures. Something that is reinforced with a homogeneous footprint and more open shoulders, so that the evacuation of water is more efficient, thus avoiding the dreaded hydroplaning and achieving a braking in fewer meters, which is always a guarantee of tranquility when riding. .

Regarding the noise generated, this model has an external noise level of 72 decibels and a labeling of two waves, so it is a level more than good for its range. In fact, these parameters are typical even of passenger cars, so we could say that they are silent tires, considering that they are for vans and large vehicles. Some measures even reduce that noise to 69 decibels, in the smallest dimensions.


Additional questions

So that you have all the information you need when looking for the best tires for your vehicle, we summarize how to close some more details about the product. Among them, we have the opinions of specialized magazines such as AutoBild, which at the time recommended this tire both for its general behavior and for its good performance against aquaplaning.

Another interesting aspect of the tire is that it uses a compound that tends to be soft, so it is suitable for vehicles with occasional rolling or that are not especially intensive in urban terrain. In these situations, you will not have the problems of hardening and loss of properties that harder tires usually have, which many times do crystallize in these specific conditions.

As a final detail, we are talking about directional and asymmetrical tires, so each of the shoulders of the tire has been optimized to offer better contact with the road, both on the straight and on the curve. A trend that is already common in the market and that gives these wheels extra maneuverability when driving in all kinds of circumstances.


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