Opinions about Castrol Edge Professional LongLife III Review 2021- Step by Step buying Guide

Main Advantage:

This range of oils has been improved in 2018, incorporating a film with twice the resistance in its protection work. Something that further reduces friction and, therefore, the protection of the vehicle’s engine.


Main disadvantage:

One of the few buts this oil has is that it only meets the standards of the Volkswagen group, as well as those of the Porsche group. So if you need an oil with other specific standards, you will not be able to use this one.

Main Features Explained


Improved formula

Starting from a high-quality base, such as conventional Castrol Edge oil, this new oil could only improve on the original product. And the truth is that Castrol technicians have succeeded and with flying colors. Although in this work they have not been alone, since they have also collaborated side by side with the engineers of the Volkswagen group, who have also known how to communicate what the ultramodern engines of our days need to perform at their best.

This joint work is seen in the new Titanium FST film, which includes this lubricant. We are talking about a film that maintains the requirements of 5W30 oils, but which doubles the resistance of the protective film under stress conditions. Therefore, even when we demand the maximum from this oil, we will not have to worry about breaks in that protective film, which is what really protects our engine.

The effects are easily noticeable when driving, since the oil generates a smoother sliding of all engine parts and reduces noise, achieving a smoother and more pleasant drive. Sensations that are felt even in the most complex conditions that the vehicle may be subjected to while driving, such as driving at high speed or in extreme hot and cold conditions.

Increased durability

The new Castrol Edge Professional LongLife III oil protection improves engine performance, but also the durability of the product itself. An aspect in which the oil is also among the most advanced, meeting the necessary requirements to receive the Long Life rating. Something to be expected for a first-rate synthetic oil, according to the opinions about it.

This translates into an oil that does not need the usual brief changes of conventional products, but extends that period to 25,000 or 30,000 kilometers, depending on what the vehicle manufacturer has determined. Something that supposes a reduction in the price of the usual maintenance of our car, although without having to worry about neglecting other elements of it. However, it is recommended to take a look at the engine oil level, so that it is always between the recommended levels.


Advanced properties

In case we thought that everything ends with what we have commented, the truth is that this 5W30 oil also maintains other interesting properties. Among them, we find the ability to better clean all the dirt deposits that usually form inside the engine, be it gasoline or diesel. Removing these residues facilitates smoother and more efficient operation.

Likewise, the oil performs well in modern vehicles equipped with a particle filter. Thanks to their ability to remove more debris, these filters have smooth and efficient operation, which translates into lower polluting emissions during circulation. Something that also accelerates the useful life of that filter, whose correct lubrication is key to its operation.

Finally, with regard to what is related to the current standards that oil meets, we find that it is within the parameters measured by the ACEA 3 standard, one of the last to reach the market. Likewise, the oil also complies with the specific standards of the Volkswagen group, as expected from the collaboration between the two brands that we have already discussed. A compliance that also covers the demands of the Porsche group, whose demand is more than known.



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