Opinions about Black and Decker PD1200AV-XJ

Main Advantage:

It has the innovative cyclonic technology, which increases the power and air speed to separate the dirt particles and optimize the suction process. In addition, it incorporates a flexible and resistant tube that allows vacuuming through narrower areas.


Main disadvantage:

On some occasions, it seems that the equipment fails to generate enough power. However, this is influenced by the battery level of the car and the type of cleaning that is intended to be carried out. 

Main Features Explained


Tank capacity

One of the reasons why this equipment is considered by some users as the best car vacuum cleaner is that it has a tank whose capacity is suitable and sufficient to accumulate a greater amount of waste, without the need to interrupt work while using the vacuum cleaner. , as can happen with other smaller capacity models, which require emptying the container every time it fills up before completely vacuuming. 

The PD1200AV-XJ model has an internal section that functions as a dirt container that this device absorbs and opens on one side to facilitate quick, simple and safe emptying, without the user coming into contact with dirt. This tank has a storage volume of up to 400 ml, which is more than enough space to contain all the amount of waste that usually accumulates with some frequency inside a regular size vehicle. 

But, in addition, the design of the Black and Decker PD1200AV-XJ vacuum cleaner offers the advantage of being able to show when it is necessary to empty it, since this part is covered by a transparent structure, by means of which it can be observed towards the inside, by what you will be able to notice when it is full or is close to reaching its maximum capacity. 



The opinions of buyers indicate that this car vacuum cleaner has a price that is considered reasonable, depending on the amount of benefits it brings, among which is the quality of its construction, since it has a structure made of strong plastic and resistant in most of its parts, a material that provides the necessary strength to withstand continuous use, making it a device that provides the effectiveness and proven guarantee that usually characterize this prestigious North American brand.

It also has a removable tube made of flexible material, whose length reaches around 1.5 m. It is a kind of hose that directs the air flow towards the area of ​​the nozzle to suck on and around the area where you want to suck. This tube is ideal to extend, turn and use to reach some areas of the car where access is more limited, although the vacuum cleaner can also be used without it. 

The Black + Decker PD1200AV-XJ model has interchangeable accessories to use according to the type of cleaning and area where vacuuming is required, since it incorporates a long nozzle and a brush to place at the end of the flexible hose through a mechanism that allows these accessories to be attached safely.



A feature that is worth mentioning as a remarkable aspect of the PD1200AV-XJ model and that distinguishes it from other car vacuum cleaners is its mechanism, which makes it work optimally for maximum efficiency during use. 

This manual car vacuum cleaner acquires its power through the electrical energy of the vehicle, when you plug the cable that reaches 5 meters in length to the cigarette lighter socket with its respective 12V adapter, which supplies it with the necessary power to maintain its power of 12.5 air watts. 

In addition, the device has the capacity to obtain a suction power of 400 mm, with a suction flow of around 1060 liters / minute, values ​​that indicate that this vacuum cleaner is capable of achieving a high level of performance, according to its size. and function, since it has the necessary force to make the air move at high speed and, therefore, absorb and collect a greater quantity of waste. 



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