Opinions about AWESAFE GPS

Main Advantage:

It does not matter if you are behind the wheel and do not have internet access, as this car camera has an integrated global positioning system that comes with all the maps of Europe preloaded.


Main disadvantage:

If used without pauses, the battery can discharge quickly, which is a drawback for those who value the battery life of these types of products.


Main Features Explained



The cameras car need not only offer quality recording, as can be seen driving benefit from various features that fortunately this model AWESAFE offers all its users. In this specific case, one of the highlights is the global positioning system of the artifact.

This modern product has received many positive reviews thanks to its advanced GPS technology, as it is easy to use and does not depend on any connection to function. The device comes with all the maps of Europe preloaded so that you can guide yourself without being connected to the internet and, in addition to that, the purchase ensures free updates for life of different maps that you can install without complications and without cost when you need it. The visualization of each of these can be done in 2D and 3D, to facilitate the location of your position on the road in images that suit your preferred visualization option.

This global positioning system not only stands out for its offline operation, but also for making your rides more productive and safer. The voice of the GPS will keep you abreast of every necessary indication and, at the same time, it can also inform you about important data such as heavy traffic or dangers that you may encounter in the area. That way, you won’t have to worry about detours that bring risks or getting stuck in traffic.

Finally, when you are driving on the road, it is necessary to have knowledge of places of interest that may be necessary during the journey such as gas stations, hospitals and parking areas. If you travel with children, it is imperative to keep them entertained and give them rest on long trips, therefore, you can also find other nearby places such as cafes or tourist inns to eat something and stretch your legs. All these places are areas of interest highlighted by GPS.



A good visualization of your surroundings, with clear images that make maneuvering with your car easier, is a key feature to be able to choose a product as the best car camera. With this in mind, the brand has endeavored to manufacture a device that stands out in this regard and, for that reason, the camera and the images it records are qualities that stand out when using this product.

The camera is made to be placed at the rear of the vehicle and, in order not to attract the attention of others, it has a small-sized structure, easily adaptable to any 12V and 24V car. For its part, the connection cable exceeds The 9 meters in length, so that the installation is simple and manages to reach all the areas required to function. 

As for the recording, the camera turns on automatically, when trying to back up and, to avoid accidents, it manages to detect obstacles easily to show you.

If you are concerned about the durability of the product, you should know that this innovative device is manufactured to withstand prolonged use, regardless of environmental conditions, since it comes with an IP67 system that provides protection to water, whether it is washed the car, or be it dew and raindrops.

Everything recorded by the camera can be seen on the modern 7-inch LCD screen, so you don’t miss a single detail. The touch screen has a high definition resolution and is fast response, to work smoothly and without giving you setbacks; It is on this screen that you will be able to see the setback lines that will help you park safely, avoiding scratches or bumps on your car. Regardless of whether or not you have experience with this type of product, you can easily use this model due to its intuitive menu that will guide you through the different functions of the device.



If you are still not convinced that this alternative is the model you need, it is necessary to finish by mentioning all the different uses that you could give this product, when you do not want to use it as a common car camera or as a global positioning system.

Although its price is not really high, this device comes with quite modern qualities so that you can use it in different ways and you can always enjoy the device. One of its most versatile qualities is the possibility of synchronizing the device with different devices that use Bluetooth, such as a smart mobile phone. By making the connection it will be possible to carry out different activities that, in addition to keeping you entertained, will make your entire journey safer without the need to be held incommunicado for hours.

As for fun, you can listen to your favorite music at all times with just pressing a couple of buttons and, if you are parked or if you want the passenger to be distracted by something, you can also access videos, photos and even electronic books that you have stored on your mobile phone or on an SD card. When it comes to communication, Bluetooth will make it possible for you to read incoming messages and also make or receive important calls.

The operation of the device is fast thanks to the included RAM memory, which allows the stable and continuous execution of the different tasks. Because of this, it is possible to move from one function to another without the product crashing or the alternatives hanging for a while before opening. As a last highlight, the memory also has a ROM capacity of 8 GB, to store important files for you and, if you need more, you can expand the memory up to 32GB using a compatible card.


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